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Camila Cabello asks fans for feedback on 'Romance' – gets sweet response from Shawn Mendes

The singer's latest album was released on December 6

It’s Romance day! Camila Cabello is celebrating the release of her love story, that came in the form of her second album. On Friday, December 6, the 22-year-old took to social media to celebrate its release. “Honestly, I want to experience this moment with you guys, that’s what makes it special to me,” she told her followers via her social meida stories. “I’m just going to be online all day. So let’s just celebrate tomorrow. I just want to experience this with all of you guys, because it’s such a special moment. I just want to cherish this moment with you.”

Camila Cabello father celebrates Romance©@camila_cabello
Camila Cabello celebrated the release of her album Romance with some of her biggest fans on social media

Instantly the reactions started coming in from some of her biggest fans. In a picture posted via her stories, the Shameless singer shared a screenshot of her father with the caption “My papa is so excited for romance.” In the photo, Camila is on facetime with her father, who smiles as he looks at her on the camera. Another one of her biggest fans to react was none other than her boyfriend Shawn Mendes. The In My Blood singer took to his stories to share a screenshot of his Spotify, streaming the track “Should’ve Said It.” On the photo was his leading lady’s name and a series of heart eyed emojis. In response to her beau, Camila reposted the story with laughter and more heart-face emojis.

Camila took to her social media to share more fan reactions. So many golden melodies on this album. The descriptive, detailed lyrics. The honesty. They storytelling. The crispy production. The growth in this album from the last, I’m so impressed. So pleased. So moved. #Romance,” one fan wrote. Getting personal with her fans, Camila detailed an intimate moment that came when recording the song dedicated to her father, First Man. “I relate to first man so much with my dad.” Camila responded: “I actually cried the whole time writing that song: had to actually take breaks to go to the bathroom and just cry.”

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Camila Cabello romance album release date©@camila_cabello
Romance is Camila's second solo album

In a special message of hope for her fans who may be dealing with things and struggling to get through life. “I just want to remind you that you have your whole life ahead of you, that there are peple you have yet to meet that will change your life and experiences you have yet to have that will make you smile, and that if you’re going through struggle right now, no matter how awful it can feel, I promise it will make you stronger and you will learn from it if you let it.” The superstar ended her message by telling fans. “I love you and I am sending love and strength to all of you, we’re in this life thing together and you are never alone.”

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