Sofia Vergara turns hairdresser for desperate niece!

Sofia Vergara turns hairdresser for her desperate niece Claudia - see the results

Claudia Vergara turned to aunt Sofia when the lockdown situation meant that she couldn't go to a hair salon

Sofia Vergara’s 27-year-old niece Claudia Vergara, probably intended getting her hair cut in early March, like a lot of us, and then seemingly out of nowhere the COVID-19 lockdown came into effect and hair salon visits are now out of the question. But thankfully aunt Sofia was on hand to give Claudia’s luscious locks a quick trim. The during, before and after photos were shared on Instagram, showing Sofia carefully snipping an inch or two from the bottom of her niece’s long hair.

Claudia Vergara, hair©Instagram
Claudia Vergara’s hair was in desperate need of a trim!

The ‘before’ photo shows that the cut was needed, with the bottom section of the social media influencer’s locks showing signs of damage. The ‘after’ shot shows a much neater ending to her hair, however Sofia had forgotten to put a towel around her niece’s shoulders - so all the hair clippings had fallen over Claudia’s clothes!

Claudia Vergara, hair©Instagram
The end result was a vast improvement, though there must have been a lot of sweeping up to do!

Former Modern Family co-star Jesse Tyler - who played Sofia’s stepson Mitchell Pritchett on the show - responded to the photos, asking: “Can you cut mine? It’s getting crazy.” And he wasn’t the only one impressed with Sofia’s skills and requesting that she do theirs too. Given the uncertainty of how long lockdown will go on for, we’re all going to need to watch some hair cutting YouTube tutorials to perfect our techniques, it seems!

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