Eugenio Derbez

Eugenio Derbez talks to us about his new project, his family and his daughter Aislinn’s separation

In an exclusive interview, the actor opened up about his new TV project ‘Deshecho en casa,’his family’s coping mechanisms during quarantine and daughter Aislinn’s recent separation from actor Mauricio Ochmann

Eugenio Derbez’s creativity and his fun-loving nature are without a doubt, his signature traits. It might be difficult to smile in such hard times, but for the Mexican actor, entertaining his fans and putting a smile on their face has become his mission during lockdown. The result? His latest TV project for Spanish language streaming service Pantaya, Deshecho en casa, a series of home videos where he shows his daily routines while in quarantine.

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Eugenio Derbez strikes back with ‘Deshecho en casa’, his hilarious quarantine new series

During his interview with HOLA! USA, Eugenio talked about how he came up with the genius idea of portraying his home adventures alongside wife Alessandra Rosaldo and five-year-old daughter Aitana, as well as sharing how he copes with stress during the unusual situation the world is going through.

“This came up out of nothing,” he says with a big smile,”I just wanted people to have some fun, I have been shooting some stuff while self-isolating, and you know the saying, ‘idleness is the mother of all evil,’ I just filmed funny things with my family and while talking to Alessandra about a potential new show I said, why don’t we compile all the videos I was going to use for social and turn them in a TV programme?”

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The world might have stopped due to the pandemic, but not Eugenio, who is always looking for new ideas to entertain his fans. In fact, being at home with his loved ones has been an inspiration for the actor, who has allowed her imagination to run wild.

“For me it’s been a blessing, I have always traveled a lot, my whole life I’ve been traveling and working, so I am very happy. I don’t really want the quarantine to end! The only annoying bit is my wife telling me to do the dishes and the laundry and all that stuff,” quipped the star.

Eugenio Derbez en "Deshecho en casa"©@pantaya
The actor will make you laugh with his adventures in “Deshecho en casa”

“I know we have to share the chores, but suddenly, I am filming or reading a script and then: ‘Eugenio, come and do the washing up, Eugenio you need to do that...’ It’s a way of telling people I am in the same boat,” he said.

The actor also admits that the quarantine is having some effect on him and his family, “yes, I have wanted to break it, well... it’s not exactly that, but the other day I went to a park that is very close to my place, there was no one and I went there with my dog Fiona, she needed to go for a walk the poor thing, so I told Ale, let’s go out for a ride.”

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Eugenio Derbez also opened up about his daughter Aislinn and Mauricio Ochmann’s split

The Dora the Explorer star also opened up about the situation between his daughter Aislinn and her ex-partner Mauricio Ochmann. The couple decided to split very recently after six years together. “Aislinn and Mauricio have managed the situation in a very ethical and grown-up way, I’m surprised. I have told Aislinn I am very happy about how they have done it, above all, they are wonderful friends, they get on very well and that is the most important thing for their daughter. They see each other every day, he visits her daughter daily, so it looks like they are still together. I am sad, obviously, but on the other hand, I am very proud of how they’ve managed the situation.”