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Actress Camille Guaty reveals how her road to motherhood inspired her latest project

Foster A Dream was launched out of love

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For as long as I have known Camille Guaty –we met over a decade ago in Las Vegas of all places –she has always been the glass half full kind of gal. Even during her road to motherhood, when the years of bad news of failed pregnancies kept pouring in, she always stayed optimistic and radiated that positivity through her bright smile. My money was on her and knew, when the timing was right, she would, in fact, be the best mamá around. In just a few short weeks, the Prison Break star and her husband Sy are expecting their baby boy.

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, I wanted to include my friend because on her journey she learned about the foster system which in turn led her to launch Foster a Dream. Read her words below about how this new foundation transpired from her own dream of becoming a mother.

camille-guaty-husband©Candida Wohlgemuth
Camille with her husband Sy are expecting their ‘miracle baby’

I’ve always been drawn to helping children in communities where it is a challenge to thrive. However, I never imagined I would start working with foster kids and certainly, not doing it for the reason I did. As the saying goes, with every cloud comes a silver lining. I was 36 when my husband and I first started trying for a baby. Being Latina, I never thought I would have a problem. I realize this is a huge generalization, but my grandmother was having children well into her 40s! So why would I be any different? Well, after five failed IVF cycles, one failed IUI and a canceled cycle due to low, actually NO egg count, I was forced into letting go of my expectations of how I was going to be a mother and needed to explore other options.

camille-guaty-baby-shower©Katie Abbott
Camille Guaty celebrates her baby shower with her mom

Using a donor egg was last on my list, but through months of conversations and heartache, I said yes. The process took a year-and-a-half, and in the end, we got one golden egg. Because of my fertility problems, I started to look into the foster system. I went down the rabbit hole of google searching children in Los Angeles County who were in need of a stable home. To my surprise thousands of kids were waiting to be adopted out into loving, nurturing families. I suddenly felt that we had to help.

camille-guaty-mom©Camille Guaty
A baby Camille with her beautiful mom

These kids had my heart, and I was going to find a way to support them. Although the task felt daunting, it’s funny what happens when you step outside your comfort zone and ask people for help. They say yes! I find that most people have a kind heart, they just need to be given a platform.

In two months-time, Foster A Dream was born, and we had more than 100 volunteers and top Hollywood stylists helping to make our first Prom Glam day a huge success. It’s been such an amazing experience. There are thousands of children and young adults in the Los Angeles County foster care system, and if we can be a small part of making their lives a little brighter, then it’s worth it. Starting Foster A Dream has been such a healing part of my journey to motherhood. It has shifted my perspective on what I thought being a mother looked like.

foster-a-dream©Mark Tzeng
Girls taking part in the Foster A Dream event

My husband and I are expecting a son in early October. I can’t wait to see the family dynamic we create together. I want to teach my son that love has no boundaries and that family comes in all different shapes and sizes. I want future generations to know that it doesn’t matter where we come from, as long as we love each other and respect one another...that’s family.

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