Serena Williams' daughter cute reaction to mom's baking failure©@serenawilliams

Serena Williams' daughter's cute reaction to mom's hilarious cookie fail

Nothing adorable Alexis Olympia can't fix! The daugher of Serena Williams supported her mom after a 20-hours-long baking challenge... (that failed miserably)

Serena Williams is a woman of many talents: she's a tennis star, she has her own successful clothing brand, she recently launched her new jewelry brand - not to mention she's a devoted momma and wife. However there's perhaps one area she doesn't excel in - namely cooking! In one of the most hilarious videos recently to be posted on social media, the tennis player shares her hard work trying to bake chocolate cookies for the family, and even though she fails miserably, (sorry Serena), you can just not help falling in love with the Williams-Ohanians clan and of course with adorable Alexis Olympia, who once more steals the show.

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"So I left the cookie dough to rest or raise for about... 20 hours?," says Serena at the beginning of the video, "and it raised.. or whatever, and, now I am warming up some butter." The tennis player is soon joined by amused hubby Alexis Ohanian holding little Olympia in his arms "Do you want to help momma make cookies?" she asks while her daughter adoringly repeats "cookies" enthusiastically. "A day later," explains the tennis star referring to the fact that her cookie-baking adventure started with a lot of hard work the previous day. Unfortunately, Serena's efforts don't pay off as she soon realizes the dough... is hard as a rock.

Her husband Alexis Ohanian, trying really hard to hold his laugh, tries to calm down Serena and be positive, he knows that there's a solution for every problem! "That's normal, Olympia will help," he says while the two-year-old checks on the dough, "Ouch it's hard," she says in her sweet little voice. "Yes, see? You can fix it!" says her dad while Serena appears to admit her defeat.

Serena Williams daughter Olympia with Moana's blanket©@serenawilliams
After a hard day in the kitchen, this is how Serena's day ended, not that bad in the end!

We don't know if little Olympia used her magic touch in the kitchen, but we can be pretty sure that Serena seems to be done as far as baking is concerned. In the last scene of the video, some hours later, Meghan Markle's friend finally surrenders on camera: "I hate cookies."

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