Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek shares hilarious sunset fail and we couldn't relate more

The Mexican actress tried to capture the sunset for her fans but it didn't happen

Salma Hayek’s multiple attempts to capture a sunset remind us she’s just having fun when it comes to social media. Despite not succeeding, the Mexican actress shared a clip on social media trying to capture what looks like a gorgeous sunset, except we can’t really tell. Next to the video, the 53-year-old wrote, “There was a beautiful sunset but every time my face came into frame it scared the colors away.” We know that feeling. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, your phone simply won’t cooperate.

Salma Hayek©@salmahayek
The Mexican actress revealed she's fully in charge of her social media

When it comes to posting on her social accounts, the brunette beauty isn’t shy of keeping it real and doesn’t stress about whether her feed is color-coordinated or curated to perfection. She’s just herself, plain and simple. The Frida star loves to share funny videos. There was that one time she had an owl, who she referred to as her new hairdresser, resting on her head, or that time she accidentally posted the right caption with the wrong image.

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Salma wasn't embarrased to post her failed attempt on her social media

Following the mishap, the Oscar-nominated actress wrote, “Soy un caos para las redes sociales. (I’m chaos with social media). There’s no doubt the Beatriz at Dinner star makes a case for having fun with social media rather than overthinking it.

Earlier this year, Salma revealed she is fully in charge of her social media. “I don’t even know what to do,” she told Town and Country magazine. “I don’t even know how to do it. And funnily enough, I have almost 8.6 million followers.” She continued: “I remember my first Boomerang. I did it, but it was without my head, and I got so frustrated I just posted it. I said, ‘Sorry, guys. I tried but I really can’t get it.”

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