Sofia Vergara's new throwback sexy picture©@sofiavergara

Sofia Vergara is an '80s bombshell in stunning throwback pic

The Modern Family actress made he internet go wild with her sexy #TBT

Sofia Vergara's famous throwback photos have shown her fans time and time again that she's truly ageless, and in a new #TBT pic from the 1980s shared on her social media, the Colombian actress looks absolutely stunning – yes, even with that Blossom style hat – and just as youthful as she does now, decades later. Looking at the camera with a defiant look, vintage Sofia poses in a navy blue swimsuit and a straw hat bedecked with artificial flowers: "The 80’s, Puerto Colombia," she wrote alongside the picture, summing up the post. "So beautiful," "Sigues igualita," and, "How have you not changed a bit?" are some of the comments her fans shared on the star's' profile.

Sofia Vergara's new throwback sexy picture©@sofiavergara
Sofia Vergara shared this throwback photo showing herself in a sexy swimsuit back in the 80s in Colombia

Sofia often shares throwback pictures on her social platforms and her followers love it! The Modern Family actress, famous for her sense of humor, has shared both stunning and hilarious pics from her past, as well as sweet glimpses from her childhood.

The actress started her career as a model after being discovered by a scout on a beach in the Colombian Caribbean. With her looks and her talent, she quickly became popular back home but it was her role as Gloria in Modern Family the one that shot her to international stardom in 2009.

Sofia Vergara sweet throwback photo childhood©@sofiavergara
The actress has also shared cute pictures from her childhood, like this one with her BFFs

The stunning 47-year-old spoken about how she stays fit and looks so incredible on screen. Given how little she's changed for the past 30 years, we're definitely paying attention to her advice! During an interview with Who What Wear, she said she religiously takes off her makeup every night, and does “no sun”, and she told Health that she adds a spoonful of powdered collagen to her chamomile tea every night for great hair and skin.

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