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Justina Adorno on Grand Hotel not being renewed: 'It was the show America needed'

The actress has a new home on Roswell, New Mexico

Justina Adorno was just as surprised as us when Grand Hotel wasn’t renewed on ABC after one season. “It’s devastating to me, as an actress on the show, as a fan and as a Latina artist,” the Bronx native, who played Yoli on the show, tells HOLA! USA. “I was, and still am, so proud of Grand Hotel. It was the show I felt America needed. Diversity on and off camera, great writing, different perspectives, new faces, amazing story lines. It was the best time of my life, and I am forever grateful for it.”

To work alongside Eva Longoria, Demian Bichir and Roselyn Sanchez was a dream. “I got to work with three of the most ambitious, beautiful and talented actors in the industry, let alone in the Latinx community,” she adds. “I learned so much from all three.”

Though her time in the 305 was short-lived, the actress is now balancing life between her home in New York and New Mexico where she is filming Roswell: New Mexico. Keep reading to see what the 28-year-old animal activist misses most about the Grand Hotel set and how she feels about joining the new Roswell as Steph.

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Justina was 'devasted' Grand Hotel wasn't renewed

HOLA! USA: What was it like working with Eva, Roselyn and Demian?

Justina Adorno: “Working with the trinity, Eva, Roselyn and Demian, was an actor’s dream come true. Again, tears to my eyes that Roselyn and Demian are no longer my parents on screen; they were the best role models for poise, work ethic humility. Eva is just proof you can do it all and still make time for lunch with a friend for advice. I am so grateful to have worked on Grand Hotel and with the entire cast, crew and production team. I was super blessed by having my first time as a series regular be on Grand Hotel.”

What are you looking forward to about Roswell: New Mexico?

“I’m looking forward to seeing how [my character] Steph blends into the world of Roswell: New Mexico. She is different from others on the show and is a very peculiar person.”

Justina Adorno, Roswell, New Mexico©GettyImages
Justina is loving playing Steph on Roswell, New Mexico

Were you a fan of the original?

“I was! I watched it with my mother when I was younger. I’ve always had a fascination with alien culture because my dad is into it. It’s an amazing experience and has come full circle knowing that I get to be a part of the story. When Shiri [Appleby] directed me, I was low key ‘fangirling’ inside, but she was so down to earth and so chill that it felt like I’ve known her my entire life.”