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J Balvin reveals intimate details of his life in new ‘Made in Medellin’ podcast

The eight-episode podcast is now streaming on Spotify.

J Balvin is opening up with his fans like never before. The 34-year-old singer just released a new podcast series called Made in Medellin on Spotify where he shares intimate details about his life, career, relationships and all the obstacles he faced while reaching for his dreams of becoming a global artist. “I know a lot about J Balvin and little about José,” he says at the start of the podcast, an indication that he’s going to take listeners on a journey to get to know the real him.

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J Balvin released a new podcast

The newly-minted podcast features eight episodes, each focusing on a different topic in his life. “I dedicated myself a lot to the character,” he continues in his opening remarks. “But without José, there is no J Balvin. In the end that character is me, I can’t separate from him.” Fans will also get more details on the singer’s life and career from the people closest to him. His parents Alba Balvin and Álvaro Osorio are included in episodes as well as his past girlfriend of 10 years.

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One important subject the Colombian star addresses is his relationship with anxiety and depression. In the past, J Balvin has been candid about dealing with anxiety. He previously wrote a letter to his fans about it. “We all see the glory, but not many know the history and much less, the internal struggles that the mind can cause you,” he shared. “Yes, I suffer from anxiety and it’s not easy, but this too will pass.”

J Balvin©@jbalvin
In ‘Made in Medellin,’ the Colombian star talks about his life and career

Recently, he gave fans an update on his state of mind. “I want to thank you all for the good vibes,” he wrote on his social media. “After two months, I’ve left this chapter of anxiety and depression. Thanks to God, thanks to the professionals, to medication, and thanks to you for the support. Definitely, sometimes we don’t prioritize these things, but we can always learn to.” Listen to the full series here.