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Kristen Stewart will star in a royal role as Princess Diana in new film

The 30-year-old actress will play Princess Diana in a new film titled Spencer

Kristen Stewart is about to become part of the royal family in a new movie to be directed by Pablo Larraín. Spencer, is the title for this new drama film that will cover a series of dramatic events during the 1990s at the House of Windsor in Sandringham estate Norfolk, England. The script, composed by Steven Knight will feature a three-day packed scenario in which reveals a critical decision Diana has to make with her marriage to Prince Charles. According to Deadline, the movie production is set to start in 2021.

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Kristen Stewart will star as Princess Diana in a new film titled Spencer

While some fans disagree with casting Kristen as Princess Diana due to her lack of resemblance, Pablo agrees that the Twilight actress has what it takes to evoke an emotional connection with the character. “To do this well, you need something very important in film, which is mystery. Kristin can be many things, and she can be very mysterious and very fragile an ultimately very strong as well, which is what we need. The combination of those elements made me think of her. The way she responded to the script and how she is approaching the character, it’s very beautiful to see. I think she’s going to do something stunning and intriguing at the same time. She is this force of nature,” mentioned the director in an interview.

Aside from her mysterious look and demeanor, Kristen has played different roles and, offers the versatility that is required for a controversial story like Spencer. While the film won’t show the events related to Diana’s tragic accident, it will focus on her toxic relationship with her husband and unconditional love she had for Prince William and Prince Harry.

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The Twilight actress will star in a drama film as an iconic royal.

Pablo’s mission is to attract a global audience and deliver a message most people can connect with. Though many viewers dream of a fairy tale ending, Spencer will examine the journey of becoming a royal and deciding who to become. This movie will be about motherhood, personal discovery and following one’s heart. “The key is how she discovers during the process of the movie that what she really needs to do is be who she wants to be,” added Pablo. Diana is an iconic figure hard to forget and this movie will explore all her struggles, passions and true love.