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Thalía offers her support for Justin Bieber after hearing of his battle with Lyme Disease

The singer shared a heartfelt message showing her support to Justin after hearing that they share the same disease.

There will forever be a chapter in singer Thalía’s life that she will never forget. In 2007, the A Quién Le Importa singer announced that she had Lyme disease, the same disease that singer Justin Bieber recently announced he was battling. Thalía knows just how difficult living with Lyme disease can be and just how painful it is, which motivated her to reach out to the Yummy singer and offering him her support.

Justin Bieber©@justinbieber
Thalía sympathized with the Canadian singer because she understands how arduous the fight against Lyme disease can be

“Living with Lyme is [fighting] to survive every minute” shared the Como Tú No Hay Dos singer along with a picture of the news which revealed Justin’s diagnosis. “Together we can support each other. I share your pain, Justin Bieber. The Lyme community is here to support you,” added the actress.

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Thalía still recalls the days before her diagnosis, where she was unsure of what was happening with her body. She is in shock that the small bite from a tick could have affected both her nervous and immune system as well as make her suffer so much. Since that moment, the Mexican beauty united herself with the fight against the disease, and added to the heartfelt message to Justin Bieber that everyone should be careful and try to be as healthy as possible.

Avril Lavigne also lent her support to Justin Bieber

Just like Thalía, there have been other celebrities that have come out in support of Justin and his diagnosis. One of them, was fellow Canadian, Avril Lavigne. The Wish You Were Here singer wanted to let Justin know that he will be able to live a full life with the disease, the same way she’s been able to years after her diagnosis.

Avril Lavigne©@avrillavigne
A few years back, Avril revealed that she was in dire straits because she didn’t know what was going on with her body until her eventual diagnosis

“Today Justin Bieber shared that he has Lyme disease. There are so many people with this debilitating disease,” shared the Canadian-French singer. “It’s a disease that can be found in all 50 U.S. states and in every part of the world, except for Antartica,” Avril explained. For her, having written her last album was something that truly allowed her to express herself. Since then, she has created a foundation that seeks to raise funds for scientific research and to help bring more awareness to the disease.

Justin Bieber©@justinbieber
Ashley Olsen and Shania Twain are also celebs who battle Lyme disease like Justin, Avril and Thalía

“While people were saying ‘Justin looks terrible, etc.,’ no one noticed that I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease recently, not only that, but I also had a strong case of mononucleosis that was affecting my brain, energy and overall health,” revealed the singer on Wednesday, January 8, when the news first broke. The singer has been looking much healthier and excited to continue his plans on a professional and personal level alongside his wife, Hailey Bieber [née Baldwin].

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