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What she knows for sure

Jennifer Lopez opens up about anxiety and what she’s discovered in quarantine

The entertainer revealed what she’s learning in quarantine and it’s an important reminder for us all

Jennifer Lopez may appear to be immune to anxiety. From performing live in front of millions to learning pole dancing for a movie role, the living icon continuously grows in a manner so seamlessly that onlookers could easily believe she never gets anxious. Of course, Jenny from the Block is on the same life rollercoaster as the rest of us - though her’s might have a better view. The 50-year-old superstar recently opened up to Jimmy Fallon about how she’s dealing with the global pandemic and her advice is pretty spot on.

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Jennifer Lopez y las hijas de Alex Rodriguez©@arod
JLo, A-Rod and their blended family in quarantine

“We’ve been making the best of it,” she told the host while virtually appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “There’s been some really scary anxiety filled time - uncertainty - all of that.” Rising to a more positive note, she then said: “I’m also realizing a lot of things. I’m realizing, you know what, I didn’t call my mom every day. I’ll need to call her every day, even when this is over, because I’ve been speaking to her every single day.”

Jimmy was all of us, lighting up and exclaiming: “Lupe! I love your mom!” Jen expanded on their relationship, saying: “She’s got her thing in Atlantic City and I’m out, you know, working and we don’t connect like that all the time.” However, being forced to slow down during this pandemic has brought them close together. “Now, we’re connecting all the time.”

“When this is over and we get back to work, whatever that new normal is, I want to keep that going,” the mom-of-two candidly said. “I want us to sit down and have dinner together. The kids are always in their room, and doing this, and their homework and after-school activities. And we [her and fiancé Alex Rodriguez] set a time and we’re like, every night at 7:30, we’re sitting down and we’re having dinner together and I love it.”

“There’s certain things that I’ve discovered during this time that I definitely want to keep going,” the star reiterated, “so, in that sense, it’s been a blessing.”

The star poured her heart out after talking about filming a pick up scene for her new rom com Marry Me from home. She said the whole family assisted, with the kids on the movie clapboard. JLo’s candid quips definitely serve as an important reminder to connect with your loved ones during this unsettling time, and, above all else, always remember to call your mom!