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‘Elite’ star Danna Paola confesses she hasn't had any luck with love

The actress and singer commented on how her heart was doing

Danna Paola is one of the most attractive young actresses who, thanks to her theater and television projects, has gained a large number of followers who admire her beauty. However, in matters of love, she has not had the same success as in his professional life. So she confessed during an episode of the Mexican reality show La Academia, in which she participates as a judge.

Danna Paola©@dannapaola
Danna Paola revealed that throughout her career she has had no luck with love

“I have been in my career for 20 years, and I have never done well in love, really," she told the program participants to whom she spoke very sincerely about her experience as an artist. "When you get into these things, you can hardly maintain a relationship, you can hardly be calm,” she added.

Danna Paola©@dannapaola
The 24-year-old star opened up her heart with one of the participants of 'The Academy' in Mexico

More in the form of advice than as a judge, the 24-year-old actress continued to address one of the young aspiring singer: "So remember that, they might love us a lot, but they may only love us when those people want. "

Danna Paola©@dannapaola
Danna Paola revealed that in the two decades she has been in an artistic career, it has not been easy to maintain a relationship

"Fall in love, fall out of love, that's what life is about ... Love makes you good, also being angry, basically what we feel," she said personally and sincerely.

Danna Paola and the rumored romance with co-star Jorge López

A couple of weeks ago Danna was romantically linked to her Elite co-star Jorge López . The young stars have share several photographs and memories together on social networks that some confused with a romance.

Danna Paola and Jorge López©@dannapaola
Danna Paola explained what her relationship with her 'Elite' partner Jorge López is like

"With Jorge. We have made a super beautiful relationship. I do not have boyfriend. I am happy and single, ”she told several Mexican media when asked about a trip she had made to Spain where they were together. “I met Jorge and all my friends in Madrid,” she explained, making it clear that her heart has no owner.

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