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Tiffany Haddish talks ‘princess-like’ sleepover at Salma Hayek’s home

The ‘Like A Boss’ star chats with HOLA! USA about Salma Hayek, being a boss and more

Tiffany Haddish wrapped the filming of Like A Boss with a powerful new squad of girlfriends. Among the glittering cast list is Salma Hayek, who proved to be far less tortuous to Tiffany than her onscreen counterpart cosmetics mogul Claire Luna was. In fact, Salma was quite the opposite, offering for the 40-year-old comic to ‘come relax’ at her lavish London home during a busy press tour. Tiffany elaborated on this fun fact and more as we spoke to her on the film’s red carpet.

Keep scrolling to find out what it’s like to spend the night at Salma Hayek’s “gorgeous” home and more!

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Tiffany Haddish with co-stars Salma Hayek and Rose Byrne.

Hola USA: When was the moment you realized you were a boss or reached boss status?
Tiffany Haddish: “When I started signing paychecks I realized I’m a boss. When I realized I can fire you if you don’t show up on time - that’s a boss. When I started having to pay taxes for each employee - that’s a boss.”

You stayed at Salma Hayek’s London home. What’s a night like over there?
“I was coming out to London to do press and she was like: ‘Girl come on over come relax, you need to relax,’ and I was like ‘okay I’m gonna come,’ but I didn’t think that I was going to go over there and relax to be honest. I thought we would be drinking laughing or whatever, but she was like ‘go to sleep’ and she has this beautiful princess bed and I slept like sleeping beauty — I was knocked out.”

What’s her house like? Is it just as beautiful as you’d expect?
“The house is beautiful. One of the best houses I’ve ever seen in London... one of the best houses I’ve ever seen in America. It was gorgeous!”

We know you hosted cast dinners, but is there anyone who matched your skills in the kitchen?
“Yeah, Salma can cook she made this potato thing or whatever, super good. Rose made some, I don’t know what the hell it was, but it tasted good — I was like ‘what’s this!?’ Billy made these green beans that were off the chain and this asparagus that was off the chain. Billy can cook. He oven roasted it. Billy knows how to throw down. That’s why he got him a husband, though. 2020 is the year of me trying to date!”

Head to theaters to catch Tiffany in Like a Boss now! Reporting by Tionah Lee.

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