jessica alba rattle snaek

Jessica Alba encounters huge rattle snake and her reaction is priceless

The Honest company owner got up close and personal with the venomous reptile

It’s never a dull moment in the life of Jessica Alba. The 39-year-old celebrity entrepreneur had a close encounter with a rattle snake while out and about this week. “When u unknowingly walk over a 5ft rattle....” Jessica wrote (along with some choice emojis) in the caption of a video which captures the incident. She added the prefaced: “adult language.” The video opens with Jessica peacefully admiring a red clay statue of a woman outdoors. When she starts to move, things take a wild turn!

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rattle snake©@jessicaalba
The rattle snake that scared Jessica Alba

“Hey Jess, we should get one without your mask in portrait mode - this is cool!” the cameraman says. This would’ve been just another ‘do it for the gram’ moment, but a critter crashed the fun. Jessica looks down as she takes off her mask, only to find a rattle snake feet away from her!

“Ooh, s***!” she screams, leaping away from the reptile. “There‘s a rattle snake, right there!” someone behind the camera says, while another yells: “Oh crap, it’s a rattle snake! Get the hell out of there!” Thankfully the snake didn’t appear aggressive and all was fine. The next slide in Jessica’s carousel post shows the five footer in full view.

The mom-of-three garnered tons of action in the comments section. “A biggie!!! Woah,” Orlando Bloom wrote. Meanwhile, Sofia Vergara seemed stunned, simply leaving scared emojis. The award for best comment goes to Mad Men star January Jones, who quipped: “When getting portrait mode saves your life.”

Christopher Gillette of Gator Boys used the encounter as an educational moment, commenting: “Best part is how clearly that snake was NOT aggressive, didn’t try to bite, and wanted nothing to do with anyone. They’re not aggressive, they don’t ‘chase’ people, they just want to be left alone to eat rats (which benefits humans). Leave them alone, they leave you alone!”