Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is a grandma once again – see the new addition to her family!

The Hollywood star shared a sweet clip on social media

Salma Hayek considers herself a grandmother. How so? The 53-year-old took to Instagram to share some good news about her mare who gave birth to a baby horse or foal. The Mexican-American actress posted a sweet clip of the female horse and her offspring, followed by a couple of pictures of her animals.“To start the weekend on a nice note I am happy to share with you the news of this mare that I rescued from the slaughterhouse,” she wrote next to the video.

“She just thanked me by having this beautiful foal, and my heart is bursting with joy! I guess I’m a grandma once again!!!” she added. Aside from her 12-year-old daughter Valentina Paloma, Salma also considers herself a mom to her small army of pets.

Salma Hayek horses and pets©@salmahayek
Salma said she’s a grandma ‘once again’ after her mare gave birth

Over the years, the Hollywood star has adopted a great number of animals – from her adorable team of dogs and her horses to her tiny owl and many more creatures.

And she never forgets about any of them as she’s shown she makes a Day of the Dead altar dedicated to her furry friends. The Like A Boss actress’s uplifting post comes after sharing a powerful image and videos, both of which were shared to call out injustice.

Salma Hayek©@salmahayek
The actress has a small army of pets

In one of her videos, the Frida star urged Latinos to support the African-American community, and she shared the hashtag she created #unitedjuntos to show their support. Shortly after, the mom-of-one posted an image wearing a face mask with “Justicia para Giovanni” (Justice for Giovanni) written on it. The next slide showed a powerful video of the young man being handled by the police.

“Justice for Giovanni Lopez, who was detained in Mexico by 10 policemen for allegedly not wearing a mask. He was eventually found shot in the leg and beaten to death. Corruption and police brutality has to stop,” she wrote.

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