Bad Bunny
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Fans encourage Bad Bunny to quarantine after he celebrates his birthday in the club

The superstar has his fans worried

Bad Bunny’s birthday behavior has his fans worried! The Pero Ya No rapper has been busy celebrating his birthday and the release of his latest album YHLQMDLG. The rapper took to social media to share a few videos from a night out and fans urged him to take the party inside. In one clip, the star stands on stage with a microphone and joins the crowd of a packed club as they sing along with him. The celebrating shows people standing in close quarters, something that has fans worried amid the growing Coronavirus concerns.

Bad Bunny parties for his birthday©GettyImages
Bad Bunny has fans worried as he parties at the club instead of quarantine

“Baja pa cases que tama en cuarentena/Go down to the house that was also quarantined,” one fan wrote. “We are in a pandemic, I cannot,” another user wrote. Many of his followers echoed the sentiments of the others in his comments.

The Puerto Rican rapper returned home to Puerto Rico to celebrate his 26th birthday on March 10. In honor of the special occasion, he spent time on the beach and partied with family and close friends. In the clip, the star got emotional as he thanked the fans for making his latest album hit the top of the charts and opened up about how happy his is with is life.

Bad Bunny, album release©@badbunny
The star turned 26 on March 10

“I am from PR!!!!! The only thing that is being played on the radio is YHLQMDLG. I love you...From the heart!!! I don’t have words to show you how grateful I am of you guys,” the message read. “We will continue making history...This is the happiest moment of my career!!! The New Religion is real!!!!!” Bad Bunny (whose real name is Benito Martinez) recently opened up about the success of his album and what it has meant for him as a Latin artist. “I just want them to enjoy it. I make music just for people to enjoy themselves and to create moments," he told Entertainment Tonight.

"It's what I've always said music is about creating moments. Music always accompanies us in everything. The intro of your program has music, the intro of the news has music, movies without music would not have the emotion or music I was accompanying you.”

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