Hercules animated film
Childhood Favorites

12 nostalgic and iconic animated movies you can watch with the kids on Disney+

Classic children’s films that the whole family will enjoy

Children are wonderful and beautiful little beings. From their joyous laughter to their poignant and [always] unsolicited observations, they bring new meaning to our lives. Sometimes finding things to keep them preoccupied with can be a bigger task than finding out what to feed them (shoutout to the mamá’s who told us “this isn’t a restaurant, you eat what I make”). Now that we’re all staying home like the socially responsible gente that we are, we’ve gotta find new and interesting ways to keep their bright little minds busy and content (or just busy, really).

In comes Disney’s streaming service Disney+ with its wild variety of beloved films that trace back all the way to Walt Disney Studio’s very first animated films. Whether you want something action-packed like Hercules, Mulan, and Robin Hood or you’re in the mood for something more comedy-filled like The Aristocats and 101 Dalmatians, there is something that every kid will enjoy. Now go set the TV, perch your little angel in front of it and let the magic begin as you jet off to use the bathroom in peace (well, maybe — one can only hope).

Lady and The Tramp

The Aristocats

101 Dalmatians


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Brother Bear

Alice in Wonderland

Robin Hood