Selena Gomez©@selenagomez

Selena Gomez, Cardi B and more Latina celebs you can find on this rising social platform

Tik Tok is becoming more and more popular among social media users

Move over Instagram! Tik Tok is becoming the new IT app and some Latina celebs are already getting on board – including Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and more. If you were one of the millions of users who had Vine, then you might already love Tik Tok without knowing it.

Jennifer Lopez on Tik Tok©Tik Tok @jlo
JLo gave a glimpse of her rehearsal for the upcoming Super Bowl LIV

The addictive app is a space where creativity abounds and you’ll get trapped in a rabbithole of hilarious clips that will make you LOL, see some serious dance moves and wild viral trends.

To get to know a little more, we spoke with the CEO of The Influencer Marketing Factory, Alessandro Bogliari, to get some insights on how the video app works. “You don’t even have to sign up and the app will show you some of the best videos,” he told HOLA! USA when asked why people are eagerly tapping to download.

“Then, when you sign up, the AI [algorithm] will recognize your behavior in the app and will start showing you only videos that you should like based on what you engage with. I can easily spend one hour just scrolling on the ‘for you page’ without getting bored, [the] contents are so original and funny that it’s highly addicting,” he added.

Selena Gomez on Tik Tok©Tik Tok @selenagomez
Selena is one of the Latin celebs you can follow on Tik Tok

With social media becoming a major part of our everyday lives, it’s important to know which social platforms best fit your interests, so you don’t go into overload. “TikTok accepts you for who you are, memes and references to tv shows, music and art is huge,” said Alessandro about how it differs from other social platforms. “TikTok is one-to-many-to-many, which means that from one video you can get thousands of remixes and duets. The domino effect of a trend can be crazy viral!” he explained.

As for who are the masses that can’t get enough of Tik Tok, the marketing expert said, “Definitely Gen Z with a higher percentage of a female audience. But we can see that also some millennials are shifting (or at least are also integrating) from Instagram and YouTube to TikTok. Funny enough there are also a few super funny older generations making amazing content on the platform and it’s just amazing to see that no matter your age you can still have fun.”

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