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Billie Eilish reveals why she keeps her love life private

The acclaimed singer says she prefers to keep any romantic involvements out of the spotlight.

Billie Eilish has announced she plans to keep her love life private, after seeing the celebrity relationships that have gone public and failed, the singer says she prefers to keep any romantic involvements out of the spotlight. The acclaimed artist reveals she has shared some snippets of her personal life in the past, however she always regrets it after having negative experiences.

The 18-year-old Grammy winner said in a recent radio interview, she definitely wants to “keep them private,” and added that “even the ones that I’ve had with the tiny amount that I’ve let the world see, I regret.” Billie also confessed she feels more emotionally stable and happier these days, after feeling miserable and struggling during her first teenage years, “there was a period where I cried every single day of my life, when I was like 13, 14, 15. Every single day I cried”

Eilish released her first massive success “Ocean Eyes” in SoundCloud when she was only 14 years old, and has been open about her depression during her early years in the past, “I just hated my body. I would have done anything to be in a different one,” she explains that, “when you’re a little kid, you don’t think of your body at all. And all of a sudden, you look down and you’re, like, whoa.”

The singer of “Bad Guy” says she is proud to see the improvement in her own mental health, describing it as a big deal, “Not that it‘s wrong to cry, but it’s a good thing I feel happier in my life and I don’t want to cry anymore.“ Billie briefly referred to a past relationship earlier this year but didn’t want to share more in-depth details.

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