Tennis player Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian attend the "The Game Changers" New York premiere
Money In The Bank

Serena Williams and husband Alexis Ohanian’s combined net worth is truly impressive

The tennis pro and her investor hubby have saved up a pretty penny

Celebrity couple and proud parents to Olympia Ohanian, Serena Williams and husband Alexis Ohanian, have quite the nest egg built up. Guarantor Loans recently published their Celebrity Power Couples list where they name the top 40 richest and most influential celeb couples in the world. Celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, Beyoncé and Jay-Z and some of our favorite British royals made the coveted list. The tennis pro and her tech mogul hubby took ranked at #20 with their combined net worth of $209 million (wowza!). It’s no surprise that they’ve been able to amass such a fortune from all of their hard work and savvy business deals.

Serena Williams (L) and husband Alexis Ohanian attend the "Being Serena" New York Premiere©GettyImages
Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian first met in Rome in 2015 while they were both staying at the same hotel

Serena Williams (and her sister Venus Williams) has been playing the sport of tennis from a very early age, something that surely helped her hone her incredible skill and power on the tennis court. Serena turned ‘pro’ in 1995 and since then has gone on to achieve several tennis titles (23 career titles to be exact), four Olympic gold medals and many other career highs. Her incredible tennis achievements and her presence as an athlete has allowed for several business opportunities to present themselves. She’s been able to land endorsement deals (with brands like Gatorade, Aston Martin, Beats Electronics, Wilson, IBM, Intel and Nike), pursue business ventures like her self-funded S by Serena and own properties and cars. All this has led her to amass an individual fortune of $200 million.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian with their daughter©@serenawilliams
Serena and Alexis married in November 2017 and share two-year-old daughter Olympia Ohanian

Her husband, Alexis Ohanian, isn’t one to be left behind either, and has built up his own $9 million through tech and investment ventures like Reddit and Initialized Capital (which helped launch Hipmunk and Breadpig). Serena and her investor boo aren’t the only ones that made the list. They are also joined by Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, Kate Middleton and Prince William and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The list was lead by the ultimate power couple, Oprah Winfrey and her longtime love Stedman Graham.