Karol G y sus papás

Karol G’s mother confesses she suffered a lot with criticism of her daughter

Marta Navarro revealed that she was about to get sick due to the messages she read on social media

Being famous is not easy, especially when you’re a star like Karol G, who has been in the crosshairs since the early days of his career. With her career on the rise and the great success of Tusa, in addition to her relationship with Anuel AA, the Colombian singer has been the target of all kinds of accusations, which has come to affect her family circle. The production of Despierta América and journalist Marcela Sarmiento brought together the parents of Colombian artists Karol, J Balvin, Maluma and Sebastián Yatra to talk about their children, the criticism they receive on social networks and other topics.

Karol G©@karolg
Karol's mother accepted that it was difficult for her to handle messages against her daughter

Karol G's mother opened up and shared how criticism of her daughter really impacted her. "I was one of those who read [the comments], cried, cried under the covers ... I said 'I can't believe it, I can't believe it.' I was getting sick,”confessed Marta Navarro. Tired of the comments towards her daughter, one day she decided to change her attitude and ignore those messages. "Then I took the stance of, 'turn a deaf ear to foolish words.’”

In addition to sharing the position she has taken regarding negative comments, Mrs. Navarro spoke about her son-in-law, the famous Anuel AA. "He is a very special man. What they see on the networks is perhaps a shield from him to the networks," he said. "We who know him, I can say, with all due respect, that he is someone very loving, very noble and very at home."

Karol G©@karolg
Karol G's mother assured that Anuel is very loved by her family

And what do Karol G's parents think about the singer’s videos and photos with Anuel? "They don't read comments. But I am going to tell you a story: I put the photo of the cover of Secreto and when I sent the video to my mom I asked her, 'Mommy, did you like it?’ And she would always say, ‘Mami, I'm going to see it’ (and she didn't see it),” explained Karol during a press conference.

Karol G©@karolg
Karol's mother took a few days to see the video of Secreto

“I said: ‘But my mom, why didn't she see my video of Secreto.’ She wouldn’t see it, she wouldn’t see it. One day she said to me: ‘Mami, I'm going to tell you the truth: what happens is that when you posted the photo of what was going to be your Secreto song, I said: 'Oh! I don't want to see that video.'” In the end, it took Karol G's mother five days to watch the video.

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