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Aislinn Derbez shares unseen post-baby body photos and discusses weight loss ‘journey of drastic changes’

The Mexican actress posted pictures of how she looked after giving birth

Aislinn Derbez showed off her figure this week by posting a picture in a leopard-print bikini with her online fans. The actress posed in a tiny leopard print bikini as she celebrated the arrival of warm temperatures and it was hard to miss the results of her workout efforts. Although most of her followers praised the photo, some said out that Eugenio Derbez’s daughter looked too thin. In a brave move to answer those critics, the La Casa de las Flores star has released new unseen post-baby pictures and a full statement reflecting on body image and feeling good in your own skin.

Aislinn Derbez©@aislinnderbez
Aislinn Derbez revealed the secrets to transform her body

“Two days ago I shared a picture wearing a bikini. I was suprised by some of the comments I received,” she says. Our body image is something that worries us too much, specially because it’s very difficult to feel comfortable or happy in your own skin. In my case, the last two years have been journey of drastic changes.” Two years ago, Aislinn welcomed the love of her life, adorable Kailani the daughter she shares with her now ex-partner Mauricio Ochmann.

“I have never worried about working out or dieting, I have always been very lucky in that sense,” she continues. “After giving birth, I put on some weight due to fluid retention and hormonal imbalance. Having to deal with a body I was not comfortable with was something completely new to me. I didn’t realize at that time how demanding, harsh and impatient I was being with my body, I didn’t understand that because of it, I had a beautiful healthy baby in my arms. And then I realized that millions of women were going through the same and feeling the same.”

Aislinn Derbez©@aislinnderbez
Aislinn Derbez suffered hormonal imbalance after giving birth to her daughter Kailani in 2018

Aislinn also reflects on the help she received from her therapy and how her recent separation has affected her body. “Thanks to my therapist I stopped judging myself and worrying, and my body started to lose some weight. Six months ago, due to my separation, I started loosing weight faster.” The 33-year-old, who published her tips online on a separate video introducing her personal trainer Mariana Sanchez William, continues. “I started working out as a therapy, to segregate oxytocin into my brain, something really needed for my process, (and in general, for mental and physical health. If you have good or things to say about my body is not really important, what really matters is to listen to your body, pay attention to the way it’s communicating with you.”

Aislinn Derbez©@aislinnderbez
“Here are the pictures of the process I was talking about,” she said the images

The actress ends her powerful message on a positive note, saying she is feeling better: “Sadly, we are used to seeing our body as objects, we don’t spend time understanding its language, its paces, its real needs. In this moment, after having gone through this process and after listening to me is when I feel physically better.”

Aislinn Derbez©@aislinnderbez
The pictures, taken in the first year after giving birth, have not been shared before as Aislinn said that back in the day, she didn’t dare to

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