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Diego Boneta talks about his transformation for ‘Luis Miguel: The Series’

The Mexican actor shared some fun tidbits from season one

Season two of Luis Miguel: The Series is coming to Netflix and we can’t wait to pick up right where we left off. It’s been almost two years since its debut, so we suggest you binge-watch season one again for a quick refresher on where things left off for Luismi, whose character is played by Diego Boneta. Speaking of him, the handsome Mexican actor has blessed us with a few fun facts from the biopic’s first season.

Prior to the announcement of the second season, the 29-year-old spoke to HOLA! USA about the future of the show. “We still don’t know. Hopefully, I would love to come back,” he said when asked if there was a second season in the works. “That show and role changed my life,” he added. Luckily, it’s a go for season two as the trailer is out now.

Keep reading for some fun facts!

Diego Boneta©GettyImages
Diego is set to appear in season two of Luis Miguel: The Series

Tooth Gap situation

Many wonder whether Diego had his teeth fixed to copy Luis Miguel’s gap-toothed smile, but in the clip he reveals that wasn’t the case. “Many of the prosthetics made me look like Austin Powers, he says. “After seven or eight tests, I thought about going to my orthodontist, the one who put braces on me, and I said, ‘Erika, make me the gap.’ And she said, ‘Nooo Diego. Let me try one last thing.’

“It occured to Erika to put a resin, which you use for braces, but instead of being the color of a tooth, it was black [and] permanent right here.” I had it, I don’t know, eight months. It wasn’t something I could remove.”

Diego shared they will need a better solution for nailing the tooth gap look in season two.

The line “Salte de mi vida” (Get out of my life) was improvised

“It came straight from my heart,” says the actor. “I remember that when he (Oscar Jaenada) mentioned my (Luis Miguel’s) mom I was truly furious and when Daniel Krauze (screenwriter) saw that, he said, ‘Well I didn’t write that but it’s ten thousand times better.’

The Pretty Little Liars actor adds: “It was really cool being able to have that freedom as an actor to be able to put these dialogues in the words of the character.”

Diego Boneta and Luis Miguel©@diegoboneta
The star revealed his tooth gap is not real

Bobby isn’t really Bobby in the driving scene

Vicente Tamayo, who plays the role of Roberto Palazuelos (Bobby), didn’t know how to drive stick, so in the scene in which he and Luis Miguel are racing each other and end up driving into the water, they had to use a stunt double to perform the scene. “They used a stunt double with the hair and everything, it was hilarious,” exclaims the star.

Fake Concerts

All concerts were done in a set, not a stadium says the Rebelde actor. “The sets were changing as the dates were changing too.” Although the concerts appeared to be thousands of people it was only 150 movie extras that were getting moved around to get a multiplying effect.

“For me it was like giving a real concert to those 150 people so that the energy could continue so that it could be as real as possible,” says the actor.

We can’t wait to see what happens next – stay tuned for the release date!

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