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‘Superstore’ fans say goodbye to America Ferrara on its 100th episode

Fans were heartbroken to see her character’s breakup.

“Superstore” celebrated its 100th episode and said good-bye to America Ferrera who played “Amy” since it’s 2015 debut. Ferrara announced her departure from the show in February and fans were sad and surprised.

Ferrera, who is also a producer on the show was going to make her final appearance in the Season 5 finale but production shut down due to COVID-19. The season ended with the last episode they were able to shoot. The finale left fans heartbroken when they watched Amy and Jonah, (played by Ben Feldman) break up. “We wanted it to be a nice goodbye to this character we love, but there’s just no nice way to break up this long love story,” said Owen Ellickson, who wrote the episode. “It was going to be heartbreaking, no matter what.”

In the new finale, Amy gets a new job at the store’s parent company in California, and Jonah is offered to move there with her and leave his life in St. Louis. But they realized they wanted different things after an emotional discussion in the stockroom. While Jonah was ready for marriage, Amy wasn’t ready to fully commit and was still haunted by what she gave up with her past engagement. It was a hard scene for fans to see knowing he had secretly stolen her ring to get the right size for an engagement band, but the break up was mutual. Amy and Jonah wanted the best for each other.

Fans are hopeful the end of the episode left enough of a cliff hanger to suggest Amy can one day return to the show to rekindle their relationship. The show runners, Gabe Miller and Jonathan Green discussed the decision to have Amy and Jonah break up in Ferrera’s last episode in an interview with TV Line and said the door is still open. Miller explained, “We feel like the door is still open the way that we left things. By the end, what they [both] realize is that they are making an adult decision. They’re not on the same page about their future right now, but who knows? They still could find their way back to each other.”

The cast and fans of the show took their time to say goodbye to Ferrera and Amy on Twitter. Some fans said they were upset by the shows writing and decisions. One fan wrote, “okay as a fan that has been dedicated to this couple for YEARS the storyline for this ending felt rushed and ambiguous. after 5 years of development they threw it away in a matter of minutes. it doesn’t make any sense to me. #superstore.” Another tweeted, “Superstore and jonah and amy were so so special and this episode completely discredited their development. to write a whole episode about how amy won’t marry jonah and he always loved her more?? it’s so disappointing.”

Check out some cast and fan reactions to her goodbye: