21-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist NOBEAT.©Agencies
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En La Mira: Nobeat starts a new chapter in his musical career with ‘Piénsalo’

The multi-hyphenated artist arrives to grab industry shakers and global listeners’ attention.

Colombia has become the land of emerging talent. From Santa Marta, a city of half a million people known for its historical and cultural richness, Nobeat arrives to grab industry shakers and global listeners’ attention. At only 21 years of age, he is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Undoubtedly, his impressive career makes him one of those to watch.

The multi-hyphenated artist on the rise started in the music industry as a child prodigy, accompanying the local classical orchestra. At 15, he received his first of two scholarships from the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and, soon after, began producing and writing. A year later, he got his first introduction to playlist culture, and genres like reggaetón, dancehall, trap, jazz, funk, hip-hop, R&B, salsa, and Afro rhythms became the inspiration to start a new chapter in his musical career.

Nobeat recently released his latest single and music video, “Piénsalo” (Think It Over), a love anthem intended to take you on a walk to memory lane. The Colombian musician is also ready to release his EP early next year while writing and producing for numerous top Latin artists.

21-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist NOBEAT.©Agencies

Also, his magical touch on hits such as “Se Te Nota” from Lele Pons, “Ayer Me Llamó Mi Ex” from KHEA featuring Prince Royce and Natti Natasha, and others, made him part of the Billboard’s prestigious Latin Producers chart as one of the industry’s Top 10 producers.

In a zoom interview with HOLA! USA, Nobeat shared details on how he started in the music business, how it feels to be considered one of the top Latinx producers, and what’s next in his career.

HOLA! USA: How did you start in the music industry?
“I started when I was five years old. Violin is my first instrument and my introduction to music.”

Why did you jump from classical music to reggaetón, dancehall, trap, jazz, funk, etc?
“Thanks to all those genres that one listens since childhood. I grew up with all that music, and it was always present in my life even though I wasn’t studying it. I listened to reggaetón, trap, and other genres at my neighbors‘ house at school or my friends’ house, and that’s how I discovered that I also like this musical genre.

I started with classical music, playing the piano, Mozart, Beethoven, but I was also curious to know more about reggaetón, salsa, merengue, vallenato. Hence, it was easy for me to understand the music and the rhythms thanks to the fact that I already knew how to read sheet music. Then I started working on music production. Here I also continued working with instruments, and I added sounds, and it is like being in the kitchen and playing with the ingredients. At that moment, I realized what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. And how to develop my style as an artist and singer.”

 You entered the list of Billboard’s prestigious Latin Producers. How does it feel to be recognized by the entertainment media?“It was a surprise for me because I feel this year has been super strange. Being on a list with so many respected producers with so many years of career and who only release hit songs is an honor for me. Being on that list gives me much more confidence and motivation — sometimes, you make the mistake of doubting yourself. So being there shows me that people like the things I do.”

Now you are launching your career as a solo artist. When did you realize you also wanted to become a performer?“It is not a whim or an idea that came to me suddenly. When I started producing music, my goal was to become a singer. Through the years, I understood that it would be easier if I started behind the scenes. While producing for other artists, too, I secretly started working on my project. I made songs and met people to work as if I was already a well-known singer who released music continuously.”  

You recently released “Piénsalo.” Tell us about the song and the creative process.  
“It is a romantic song, and I had been doing it for a year. I had kept it waiting for the perfect moment to launch it. I was inspired by my time at school — for me, it was one of the best times. The lyrics of ‘Piénsalo’ are pretty universal. Children and adults can sing it because the lyrics are exceptionally clean and unite generations. ”

What are your plans for the future?
“In 2021, I am going to release a lot of music. I am going to launch a huge project. With God’s help at the beginning of the year, I will release my first collaborations as an artist. The songs are very cool and feature important artists in my life that I have worked with before.”

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