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Family photo

Cristina Iglesias shares an adorable photo with siblings and Julio Iglesias straight out of the family album for Father’s Day

The twin sister of Victoria Iglesias shares a heartwarming image of her siblings

Cristina Iglesias celebrated Father’s Day with a special throwback to honor her father Julio Iglesias. Though Cristina is private about her lifestyle, she never forgets to celebrate the birthday of her siblings or share memories about her childhood with her fans. In the recent throwback picture, Cristina shows off a younger Julio Iglesias along with his four children including Cristina and twin Victoria Iglesias, whom he shares with Miranda Rijnsburger. In the image, the twin sisters are wearing the same white strappy dress and laughing with their dad along with their brothers, Miguel and Rodrigo. Victoria also celebrated Father’s Day with a throwback picture of her twin sister and Julio in a golf cart.

Cristina Iglesias with family©@cristinaiglesiasr
Cristina Iglesias reveals a sweet throwback picture for Father’s Day

Julio’s son Enrique Iglesias also celebrated Father’s Day with his partner Anna Kournikova and three children, Lucy, Nicolas and Mary Iglesias. However, this Father’s Day is extra special for Enrique as he is celebrating the birth of his newborn Mary, 4-months-old. Though the Iglesias family keeps a very private life, the members make sure to share memories on their social media. Enrique is a devoted dad and has previously shared his play-date time with his twin at their home in Miami. The Spanish singer is known for constantly showering his children with love and kisses. He embraces every little moment that he is with his children and recently captioned an image with his daughter Mary, “Until now I cannot believe that you are mine.”

Cristina Iglesias©@cristinaiglesiasr
Cristina Iglesias is spending her summer by the pool with her dog Luke

Enrique’s half-sisters, Cristina and Victoria also keep a low-profile and private lifestyle. Though they don’t share much about their life with their dad Julio, the twin sisters are always enjoying time together. While they keep a busy lifestyle from boat rides to bike rides with their pups, Cristina and Victoria never forget to wish their dad a Happy Father’s day.

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