Rosalia Concert In Madrid

Watch Rosalia totally nail impression of Shakira in this video

The Spanish songstress plays Song Association while singing to the best tracks

Rosalia recently played a Song Association game where she only had ten seconds to sing a song after hearing the word. The Con Altura singer performed a series of songs to word such as mala, beso, facil and cuerpo which she surprised us with her own version of Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie. She admitted to listen to Shakira a lot when she was a kid, “I never got the moves, you know cause she had those moves...I still don’t have it.” After attempting some Shakira moves, Rosalia proceeded to sing I Wanna Dance with Somebody and Juro Que from her new album. “I forget my own lyrics but on a tour that doesn’t happen,” quipped the singer while attempting to sing Milionària.

Rosalia nail impression of Shakira©@rosalia.vt
Rosalia sings to Hips Don’t Lie during Song Association game

Previously, the artist received backlash against her Catalan single which critics claimed she used many Spanishisms. As she continued performing against the clock the artist revealed she occasionally speaks a different language with her family, “These lyrics are in Catalan. Back home I speak Catalan”. After playing other song lyrics such as Baby One More Time by Britney Spears, the singer scored 13 out of 15. “I did my best, I tried to sing as best as I could,” added Rosalia. Currently, the artist is quarantined in Miami until the global pandemic ceases and she can go back home to Spain. Though she is away from her family members, Rosalia is making the best of this unprecedented situation with her closest friends. In a recent interview with Elle, the Catalan pop singer shared her hardest struggle during COVID-19 has been putting a pause to her routine, “having to stop suddenly, since I’m a person who is always involved in lots of projects and traveling all over the place.”

Currently, Rosalia is celebrating her new cover for Elle’s summer issue, “I feel very honored to be on the cover.” But the singer hasn’t remained stagnant during quarantine. Earlier in March, the pop singer surprised her fans with a new look and upgraded her hairstyle with new bangs. But like the rest of the world, Rosalia is just trying to stay mentally healthy during this difficult time, “There’s this kind of pressure to be creative or busy most of the time, with lots of activities and progress, and I’m trying to run from that. I’m trying to do things that help keep me mentally healthy, and if that includes making music, then great. But I won’t lie—there are days when I just watch a show and eat a packet of cookies.”