Enrique Iglesias y sus hijos Lucy y Nicholas©@enriqueiglesias
Best Of 2019

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova’s best family moments with their twins of 2019

The singer and ex-tennis star dote on their twins Nicholas and Lucy

Superstar singer Enrique Iglesias and the love of his life Anna Kournikova are very tight-lipped about their personal lives. They have maintained a uber private relationship since 2003, only making appearances on their own terms.

However, after having their beautiful twins Nicholas and Lucy at the end of 2017, things in the Iglesias-Kournikova household have changed. After having surprised the world with the news that they had twins, the pair have allowed fans to have a deeper look into their ultra private lives.

In 2019, the pair shared tons of bits and pieces of their twins developing and growing up, leaving us wanting more.

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This year, the Subeme la Radio crooner showed us all a more tender side of his personality, one he only shares with his children and Anna. He’s also showed us just how playful he can be when he’s with his kids, always making them laugh — Anna being there to capture all the sweet moments shared.

Enrique Iglesias and his daughter Lucy ©@enriqueiglesias
In March, Enrique shared a picture of him and his daughter Lucy holding hands

Around mid-year, the Spanish singer celebrated his daughter Lucy on the International Day of the Woman by sharing a sweet picture of them together holding hands. Although both of their backs are facing the camera, you can tell that they share an incredible father-daughter bond.

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Lucy wasn’t the only one stealing the hearts of Enrique’s fans on social media. Days after the singer shared a video of his son Nicholas dancing and smiling, melting hearts everywhere. But fans really lost their marbles when the proud papá shared a video of the twins “pushing” him around in an electric toy car.

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Nicholas and Lucy, growing strong every day

Enrique and Anna welcomed their beautiful twin babies December 2017. With each heartwarming picture and video that the two share of their children, fans everywhere begin to see the strong resemblance the twins share with their parents.

In April, Enrique revealed just how he and his song hang out and spend time together while at their private family home. Fans also got insight on baby Nicholas’ personality as well from a video his loving dad shared (baby Nick seems to be quite the talker).

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It’s clear that the papá orgulloso will do anything to see and hear his kids laughing when Enrique shared a clip of him making funny faces at his kids in their garden.

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Apart from getting insight on Nicholas, we’ve also been able to learn a bit about Lucy. So far, fans have been able to learn that she loves to smile, dance and sing, especially when she’s with her parents.

Enrique Iglesias and his son Nicholas©@enriqueiglesias
Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova have shown fans that they really enjoy their lives as parents

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Spanish singer and his leading lady love their cheerful children and enjoy spending a lot of time with them. 2019 has left fans everywhere hoping to continue to see the twins growing in 2020.

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