EXCLUSIVE Lady Gaga Rocks an Edgy but Casual Pink and Black Outfit

Lady Gaga rocks an edgy pink and black outfit while shopping with mom

The star is currently promoting her album ‘Chromatica’

Lady Gaga was spotted walking arm-in-arm with her mother, Cynthia on Tuesday in New York. The pair picked up some items at Sephora while they shopped at the Upper West Side. Gaga was rocking bright teal hair, a metallic face mask, a pink short sweatsuit, and a long shiny black leather coat with matching boots. The pop legend released her new album “Chromatica” in May which is currently topping the charts.

Lady Gaga Rocks an Edgy but Casual Pink and Black Outfit©GrosbyGroup

In August, Gaga won five MTV awards including Best Cinematography, Song of the Year, and Best Collaboration from her hit song withAriana Grande. She also won the inaugural Tricon Award and told the crowd she “never wanted to be anything else” but an artist. While Gaga has reached her dreams, it wasn’t an easy climb.

She opened up in an interview on CBS Sunday Morning, where she admitted to having difficulties with mental health. Fame and isolation took left her feeling objectified after she was thrust into the limelight and unable to do normal things like visiting the grocery store. “I totally gave up on myself,” she confessed. “I hated being famous. I hated being a star. I felt exhausted and used up.” She also recalled looking at the piano she‘s owned and thinking, “You ruined my life. ... You made me Lady Gaga. My biggest enemy is Lady Gaga... It’s not always easy, if you have mental issues, to let other people see,” Gaga explained. “I used to self-harm. I used to say, ‘Look. I cut myself. See, I’m hurt,’ because I didn’t think anyone could see because, mental health, it’s invisible... I didn’t really understand why I should live other than to be there for my family,” she explained. “That was an actual real thought and feeling: ’Why should I stick around?’” When asked if she ever contemplated suicide, she replied, “Oh yeah. Every day.” The situation got so bad that she “lived in this house while people watched [her] for a couple years, to make sure that [she] was safe.” Gaga channeled her trauma and used it as fuel into her latest album, which highlights her struggles in songs like “Rain On Me,” “911” and “1000 Doves.”

EXCLUSIVE Lady Gaga Rocks an Edgy but Casual Pink and Black Outfit©GrosbyGroup

While healing from problems with mental health is never a smooth road, Gaga leans on her music. According to Gaga, “I swear on my future unborn children, I don’t know why, but I have to [keep making music]... I have to do it. Singing, I have to. Turns out, even if I don’t wanna be alive, I still know how to write a song.” She added: “It‘s that cheesy thing that you say, ‘Oh, I’m glad I went through it because it made me stronger.’ OK, I could have done without the last two-and-a-half years of my life. I could have done without that. But you know what? It happened.” As for hating her alter ego Lady Gaga, “I don’t hate Lady Gaga anymore,” she said. “I found a way to love myself again, even when I thought that was never gonna happen.”

If you or someone you know is struggling, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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