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Juanpa Zurita shows off new abs and what two months in quarantine has done to his body

The social media star shared an image from day one of quarantine and today

If your plan all along was to get into shape during the quarantine, then you’re not alone. Some celebrities also decided to take this time and invest it into their bodies with hopes of exiting self-isolation in better shape than when they entered. Daddy Yankee has been on a mission to lose some weight and he recently revealed he’s already lost 11 pounds. Now, Juanpa Zurita has revealed his own physical transformation from day one of quarantine up until now, and it’s pretty impressive. Proud of his accomplishment, the Mexican actor-influencer took to Instagram to share a side by side photo of his upper body.

“Day 1 of quarantine vs today! This is definitely the best physical state of my life. If I’m being honest with you I had more than 3 years of not doing exercise, I was focused on work and was never able to construct a habit,” he wrote.

Juanpa Zurita body transformation©@juanpazurita
Juanpa shared a side-by-side photo of his physical transformation

In the photo that shows his body’s changes after two months, Juanpa’s muscles appear more toned and defined. “I should mention, I tried many times to workout and try out various methods and proteins and the truth is nothing worked because I had never done it for more than two weeks,” he continued. The Luis Miguel: La Serie actor pointed out he made it a goal to work out every day once lockdown orders came into place as he would no longer have the excuse of not having any time.

“I committed to doing it for a week, I started little by little, and I realized that beyond the exercise, having this habit helped me have days with better structure and with a winning attitude,” said the 24-year-old. The YouTube sensation pointed out how exercising has given him mental strength and that there is something very special about putting an objective for yourself and making it happen.

Juanpa Zurita body transformation©@juanpazurita
The YouTube star began working out two months ago

Juanpa didn’t end his post without thanking his trainer for guiding and showing him the importance of knowing his diet. “I want to thank my coach Dr. Hernán Fraga of @clinicametaboliko for training me every day at a distance and for showing me the importance of knowing what to eat,” said the social media star. “Today I understand that if you want your body to be a Ferrari you can’t give it any kind of gasoline. Let’s keep going.”

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