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Here’s when Karol G and Anuel AA will get married

The pair got engaged in 2019

Anuel AA and Karol G are still planning on making that trip down the aisle. In fact, if it’s up to the couple, their nuptials will still be held this year. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the original plans were put on hold. “We had set a date but with Coronavirus and quarantine we changed our plans,” the 27-year-old rapper told Billboard. “But we’ll get married this year, God willing. We’re both ready, it’ll be this year.” Anuel and Karol, 29, have been engaged since 2019.

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Anuel AA says that his and Karol G’s wedding will happen in 2020

The news of their engagement came almost a year after they confirmed their relationship. Since, the pair have kept their fans briefly updated on the details from their big day but have kept a lot of mystery around certain details. On his latest album Emmanuel, the Latin trap star does open up about one of the more personal moments from their relationship.

On the song Los Hombres No Lloran (Men Don’t Cry), Anuel raps about a period when they didn’t believe their relationship would survive. “I had 100,000 problems going on then. I was surrounded by controversy, rap battles, threatening videos, things in the streets. And Karol felt a lot of unnecessary pressure and was really stressed,” he said.

“It reached a point where she said: ‘You do your life, I do mine. I’m not prepared for this lifestyle of yours.’ And she stopped talking to me. I recorded that song precisely there.”

In the song, Anuel reflects on the period that followed – the breakup. “I’d rather blame fate for dividing the path and never seeing you again/Of getting up and not having you/The fault is my bad luck/I always did my part/But I’d rather fool myself/Not everything is rosy and now I blame another ‘thing’ because I never want to hate you,” he sings in Spanish.

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The pair got engaged in 2019

Luckily for the rapper, he and Karol were able to reconcile and work towards their engagement. In November, Karol opened about how her belief in second chances helped repair their relationship. “I saw the entire [mess],” the Tusa singer told Paper magazine. “I’ll tell you. I would say that before, the Anuel that I heard years ago did not have a closeness with his music.”

Karol credited the rapper’s growth to brining them closer together. “When he came to me to do a song, I had the opportunity to know this person – who wanted to evolve, who wanted to grow, to be better,” she said. “It’s even more beautiful because I can accompany him through it.”