Danna Paola Exclusive HOLA! USA

Danna Paola continues to thrive in the spotlight

The actress and singer speaks exclusively with HOLA! USA with a fresh look and an empowering attitude towards her current success

Thinking of more than 20 years of artistic career seems like a lot. For Danna Paola it is literally a lifetime dedicated to the world of entertainment since from the age of four, the actress and singer began this dream, which to this day, continues to excite her as much as the first day. Talent runs through her veins and being the daughter of Juan Jose Rivera, former member of Grupo Ciclon and Los Caminantes, it was only a matter of time before she showed her potential. Although there was a time when she thought of putting everything aside, fate called her to the stage with one of the most important roles of her career.

Happy, calm and blonder than ever, the “Elite” actress spoke with HOLA! USA in a very special interview in which she recalled the ups and downs she has lived through her work and she confessed how her heart is today.

As a woman, Danna is aware of how difficult it is to work in a nuanced environment. Despite the situation, her family is an important pillar that helps her stay grounded and protect her from the dangers that may affect her. In addition, as she is 25 years old, she knows how to choose her own path so as not to fall into temptations or addictions that could harm her, but without ceasing to enjoy parties and meetings with her dearest friends.

With such a solid foundation and focused on work, Danna has five studio albums, has participated in more than 20 television shows and her name also shines on the movie and theater billboards.

Beyond her successes at work, the “No Bailes Sola” singer is as romantic as many of her fans. Falling in love and willing to find true love, Danna confessed that her heart has been broken and how she managed to repair it to return to the game. Always trusting that fate puts people in the right place…everyone, even Pablo, the mysterious Spanish boy who inspired her to write her song “Hey, Pablo”, and who for a while she wanted to find in reality; what could have happened to him? She tells it all in this special chat with HOLA! USA.

“Growing up within the environment has made me learn more and more about myself. I have no life other than this one. I cannot regret anything, because everything I have done has transformed me into the woman I am today.”
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How did you cope during quarantine?
You started in this industry from a very young age, what do you remember from that time?
Do you regret anything?
At some point in your career, did you decide to abandon everything and go in another direction?
Danna Paola Exclusive HOLA! USA©Digital Cover
“I’ve had very bad luck in my love life and my heart has been broken all my life, which is why I write songs (laughs). I am a hopeless romantic, and I fall in love to the fullest. I am a very dedicated and loving person, which is why I fall in love so quickly.”
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Was it very difficult for you to disengage from your father as a manager?
What do you think of fame and how do you handle it?
Your singing career is on the rise, how do you feel about being so popular today?
In that sense, has someone wanted to go overboard with you and made unseemly proposals?
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Danna Paola HOLA! USA exclusive interview©Danna Paola

How have you done it to stay away from addictions?
Do you consider yourself a lucky girl in your love life?
Is there someone who has a place in your heart right now?
“I have been very unlucky in love and my heart has been broken all my life, that’s why I write songs. I am a hopeless romantic, I fall in love to the fullest. I am a very dedicated and very loving person, so I fall in love very quickly.”
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Did you manage to find Pablo?
What do you consider to be the fault of this generation?
How much do peoples comments affect you?

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