Cristina Iglesias shows off her rescue dog©@cristinaiglesiasr
A rescued love

Enrique Iglesias’ sister Cristina shows off who is her best friend during quarantine

The twin sister reveals how she is spending social isolation during quarantine

Cristina Iglesias is ready for summer and showed off how is she spending her time during the quarantine. The daughter of Julio Iglesias and Miranda Rijnsburger recently celebrated her 19th birthday with her sister Victoria Iglesias with a sweet album post on her social media. The twin sister already is enjoying the first summer dips at her pool along with her best canine friend, Luke. Cristina and Victoria share a social media account where they share the lives of two rescued dogs living their best lives. Luke was adopted in 2018 in Marbella, Spain. “Last summer I was wandering around the streets of Lugo, Spain with nowhere to go. Some kind people saw me and took me to a nearby rescue organization. I then waited patiently for a couple of weeks to find my forever home,” shared Cristina on the pup’s account.

Cristina Iglesias reveals her best friend©@cristinaiglesiasr
Cristina Iglesias is enjoying her quarantine with her rescued dog

Soon after, Leila a female dog was also rescued and found in Malaga, Spain and joined Luke on the new adventure. “Two years ago, I found my self sleeping on the cold hard concrete floor at a pound in Malaga, Spain. For over 5 months I lay there hoping for someone to adopt me; until one day, my new family did,” commented Victoria the owner of the rescued dog. Leila and Luke are living the best lives as rescued dogs while going on private yacht trips, flying on private jets and enjoying the sunshine in Miami. Guillermo Iglesias, who recently turned 13 on May 5 also poses in several pictures with Luke. Their dog is not afraid of adventures and is always spotted running on the beach, jumping a ten-foot wall and enjoying lazy afternoons by the pool. Cristina also shared a post where the noble dog is racing her while she is biking.

Cristina Iglesias spends quarantine with her rescue dog©@lukenleila
The twin sister adopted Luke in the summer of 2018

The Iglesias family is also celebrating Enrique Iglesias’ birthday. Cristina, Victoria and Guillermo also share the same birthday month. Though the twin sisters are not very active on their social media, both are enjoying time at the pool with Luke and Leila - the best lifeguards on duty.

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