Piso 21 and Maluma new single 'Más de la Una'

Piso 21 and Maluma surprise fans with new release ‘Más De La Una’

It’s been four years since Piso 21 and Maluma collaborated and are now they ready to give fans what they’ve long been waiting for.

After the success of Piso 21’s last single ‘Querida’, the Colombian group is ready to end 2020 with a super hit. They have teamed up with global superstar, Maluma, to release the single ‘Más De La Una’. The best part: it’s available on all digital platforms.

It was 4 years ago when Piso 21 and Maluma started working together on the remix of ‘Me Llamas’, which broke records. The song has reached more than 690 million views on YouTube and has more than 442 million streams.

The talent and voices of the four friends, Pablo Mejía (Pablito), Juan David Huertas (El Profe), David Escobar (Dim), and David Lorduy Hernández (Lorduy), are considered one of the most successful pop / urban groups in Latin America and around the world. They have joined forces with big names in music including the Black Eyed Peas, German DJ and producer Robin Schulz, Feid, Myke Towers, Nicky Jam, Anne Marie, Zion & Lennox, among others.

There is an undeniable chemistry between these artists. This new song ‘Más De La Una’ is already a success. “I wrote it one night in the middle of a gathering with friends. We took a guitar and began to give the song a little structure with the boys. Then we wanted the song to get some rhythm with a beat. When it was ready, we sent it to Maluma who right away loved the song. In a matter of two or three days, he sent us the recorded song and wrote his part; the result was great,” says Lorduy.

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“ ‘Más De La Una’ talks about how you broke a person’s heart and how before that happened, you used to call her and she would have answer you, but now she does not answer anymore. It is late at night and all you can think is who is going that person going to be with. You must be thinking that she is already over you. It is a song that may suddenly be the last play to recover from a broken heart,” adds Pablo.

As if having 5 of the most popular voices in Colombia wasn’t reason enough to start dancing, Piso 21 wanted to give an additional surprise to their fans and created a stand out video for ‘Más De La Una’.

Piso 21 entrusted Paloma Valencia to direct the video, with whom they had previously worked with and who was responsible for the band’s ‘Te Amo’ and ‘Una Vida Para Recordar’ videos. It was then that Valencia, thinking about how to break the barrier between the viewer and the screen, created a video that transports and invites you to the nightlife in the streets of Medellín’s after hours. The star-studded video took two days to shoot and was produced by 36 Grados.

Piso 21 and Maluma new single 'Más de la Una'©Imagine It Media

“It is a privilege to be able to make a living from music. We go to bed with a full soul knowing that we live from music. Just knowing that we make a living from music is great and knowing that people like what we do is gratifying. I say it from humility and from the heart that we have always been ambitious people, in the good sense of the word. We know what we have won and we are happy but not satisfied, we always want to keep climbing, we always want to make better music, get together with friends who make us grow. As they say out there: ‘It is not about taking the step, but about leaving the mark”, says DIM.

What’s next for Piso 21? “In 2021, we have another album called ‘El amor en los tiempos del perreo.’ There is a lot of reggaeton, but there is also the romantic part, the essence of Piso 21. There will be some incredible collaborations! We are going to give a lot to talk about and we can’t wait to sing live, to have 50 thousand people in front of us and hug each other,” El Profe commented.

In the meantime, enjoy the new video!