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Taylor Swift donates $13,000 to two mothers who were struggling financially

The singer has been very active throughout quarantine trying to help those in need.

Taylor Swift is making it hard for people to hate. The singer is no stranger to drama and has had drama with people like Kanye West,Kim Kardashian, and most recently, Scooter Braun. But say what you want about Swift- she’s shown that she can be extremely giving and really cares about those in need.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the ‘Folklore’ songstress’ most recent act of kindness came in the form of cold hard electronic cash. After being moved by a touching story, Swift donated $13,000 each to two mothers struggling to pay their bills.

The Washington Post published an article Monday, December 7th shining light on the countless Americans who have been facing eviction, unemployment, and struggling to pay their bills amid the COVID-19 crisis called “Millions of Americans are heading into the holidays unemployed and over $5,0000 in rent.” The article included two women’s stories, Nikki Cornwell, of Nashville, Tennessee, and Shelbie Selewski, of Harrison Township, Michigan. Swift was moved by their struggles and decided to help out by donating $13,000 to each of their GoFundMe campaigns. Swift also left the women a personal message they will never forget.

Swift wrote to Selewski, “Shelbie, I’m sending you this gift after reading about you in the Washington Post. No one should have to feel the kind of stress that’s been put on you. I hope you and your beautiful family have a great holiday season. Love, Taylor.“

On the other hand, her message to Cornwell read, “Nikki, I read about you in the Washington Post and thought it was really brave of you to share your story. I‘m so sorry for everything you’ve had to go through this year and wanted to send you this gift, from one Nashville girl to another. Love, Taylor.”

Swift is no stranger to good deeds. In March toward the start of the COVID-19 shutdowns, she began answering her fans‘ pleas asking for financial help. Per EW, she gave several gifts of $3,000 each to fans who couldn’t afford rent or were struggling to find work and keep their living situations.

The singer has been taking the dangers of COVID-19 seriously and recently called out people who choose not the follow safety guidelines. Swift was named one of EW’s Entertainers of the Year — and in an interview with the magazine she didn’t hold back on how selfish she thinks some people are.

The singer was asked what she thought about the crowded maskless bars that have made headlines in her hometown of Nashville. For Swift, she thinks about health care workers. The singer explained, “you just immediately think of the health workers who are putting their lives on the line — and oftentimes losing their lives. If they make it out of this, if they see the other side of it, there’s going to be a lot of trauma that comes with that; there’s going to be things that they witnessed that they will never be able to un-see.” The singer continued, “....God, you hope people would respect it and would understand that going out for a night isn’t worth the ripple effect that it causes. But obviously we’re seeing that a lot of people don’t seem to have their eyes open to that — or if they do, a lot of people don’t care, which is upsetting.”

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