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Cooking fails

Foodies are horrified with Bella Hadid’s Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese

The model turn the holiday classic dish into an epic fail.

Bella Hadid took the responsibility to cook one of the Thanksgiving classic dishes; however, this wasn’t her best attempt for the model. Hadid’s fans couldn’t help it notice how her creation lacked the traditional thick and creamy texture and immediately bombarded her with comments pointing out that something wasn’t looking right. Although cooked macaroni pasta mixed with cheese sauce might sound like a very simplistic meal, this comfort food dish’s recipe can be tricky. Mac ‘n’ Cheese can vary from family to family and can be passed on through generations until becoming a staple in secret recipe books, not to mention that if not executed well, it can end up in a big mess.

“Poor Bella. This is quite soupy; I would have taken off the top layer and drain it a bit and then serve the pasta with salt, extra grated cheese, and some smoky bacon pieces,” a person wrote on Twitter. “Don’t be alarmed; that was not an earthquake. It was just millions of southern grandmas rolling over in their graves at that culinary abomination,” another one joked. “Ya its pretty disgusting lol...theres no way that’s real cheese,” a third person added in disbelief.

Twitter users were not the only ones commenting on the dish; Instagrammers went further with the jokes and labeled Hadid’s macaroni and cheese as a pudding. “This ain’t mac & cheese this cheese in mac. ahttttttttttt Cheese pudding.” While another follower said, “Is that cheese and water? Just threw the bread crumbs on it like ‘fck it’ smh.”

“Khari said it looks like soup with shaving cream and water in it with bread crumbs on top,” Love & HipHop star, Masika Kalysha wrote. “Girl won’t even get in the door with that cheese milk at my house,” a person suggested. Some people even though Hadid’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese was a dessert. “I thought this was a cobbler,” a person wrote. “Omg I thought this was banana pudding,” another one added. “OMG, Thought it was apple and crumble pie,” the comments continued.

Contrary to her sister, Gigi Hadid seems to be more accurate with the proportions. Her Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipe went viral after she shared it on social media. “Gigi Hadid’s IG Story mac n cheese recipe actually looks amazing,” Tess Garcia wrote.

If you would like to try Gigi’s buzzy recipe, find the ingredients and instructions below.

1/4 cup of flour

One egg

2 1/2 cup of milk

A mix of mild cheddar, shredded sharp cheddar, and shredded gouda

1/2 stick of butter




Cayenne pepper

Mix everything with your al dente (pasta cooked to be firm to the bite) cooked noodles. Pour in a baking dish and bake it at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

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