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Tis the season

Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi celebrated the launch of Kylie’s now-sold-out Kylie x Grinch

Our favorite duo is back, Christmas edition

Kylie Jenner and Stormi are back with a new cooking session, and in the most desired pajamas. Just a few weeks before Christmas, the duo not only celebrated the spirit of the season, but also the launch of the socialite‘s new makeup line inspired by The Grinch, preparing cupcakes of the iconic character, in coordinated looks.

Kylie and Stormi caused a stir in networks (and without leaving the house), by meeting in the kitchen, wearing the same green pajamas, with stripes on the sleeves, as well as totally green pants. The reason? Make some green muffins inspired by the character created by Dr. Seuss, which became the image of her new makeup collection, which like all the previous ones, was a success when it was sold out in a matter of minutes.

Kylie and Stormi making cookies for the Grinch collection©@kyliejenner

The pajama set belongs to the Hanna Andersson brand, and it was a success due to this moment, having the face of The Grinch as the main print. The pajamas are made of organic cotton for the utmost feeling of comfort, which helps for both game days and sleep, as described on their page.

The Kylie effect (and also Stormi) – The set is available for the little ones, and even for babies, and adults. Of course, Kylie and now also Stormi, showed the fashionista reach they have, by making most of the sizes sold out, after the video that the socialite shared on YouTube. Its price also turns out to be one of the most accessible in Kylie‘s closet.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi go for the matching look for baking cookies©@kyliejenner

More united than ever, Kylie did not stop showing off some moments of her cooking session, uploading several photos to Instagram in which she was touched by both the coordinated pajamas and the gestures of Stormi, who in a photo appears most funny while hugging mommy.

The publication earned more than 8 million ‘likes’ and 18 thousand comments in which her fans and loved ones complimented her company and style, showing that coordinating between mother and daughter is the most chic thing to do.

Kim Kardashian was enthusiastic about these photos, leaving her the word ‘Cute’ and various green heart-shaped emojis, while model Gigi Hadid also admitted to being a fan of the duo’s cooking videos.

Stormi is a clear rising star, following in mom Kylie Jenner's footsteps. Although the coordinating pajamas became a true fall and winter inspiration, the 2-year-old became a trend by not only striking with her good manners, but by the displays of affection she made for Kylie throughout the 5-minute video. “You can do it, mommy”, ”I love you so much”, ”Thank you, mommy”, ”You are so beautiful”, were some of the comments she addressed to Kylie, who responded her affection with hugs and kisses. ”I‘m very happy to do this together again [...] Thank you for cooking with me again,” the businesswoman replied as they decorated the cupcakes.

Grinch with Stormi Webster Jenner©@kyliejenner

Kylie also shared another photo in which Stormi appears surprised and happy with a person characterized by The Grinch, a publication that earned more than 5 million ‘likes’, touching her fans with the smile and charisma that distinguishes her so much.

What did you think of the coordinated pajamas of one of the most beloved duos of the social media?

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