Lele Pons’s musical evolution, maturity and podcast success
Let it snow!

Lele Pons releases a Christmas song and reveals with who she would be spending the holidays

“I hope everyone can feel the joy that I felt when I was doing it,” she said.

The traditional Christmas songs have arrived renewed this season thanks to Amazon Music LAT!N. In addition to giving customers access to millions of songs and thousands of selected playlists and radio stations, the platform has announced new festive content. Using your voice, you can ask Alexa to play exclusive Amazon Original songs from famous artists, unique video content, interviews, and more.

Starting today, you can listen to Amazon Original songs, like a new version of “Feliz Navidad” by the singer, songwriter, and guitarist José Feliciano. As well as the performance of Jesse & Joy of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Te deseo muy felices fiestas)” and the interpretation in Spanglish of the influencer, model and singer Lele Pons of “Let It Snow (Navidad, Navidad, Navidad).”

“When I think of the holiday season, I think of family gatherings, beautiful decorations, and of course also music,” said Lele Pons. “I am grateful that Amazon Music allowed me to put my spin on a classic song, and I am very excited that everyone hears me sing for the first time in Spanish and English. This project is really special to me, and I hope everyone can feel the joy that I felt when I was doing it.”

Lele Pons for Amazon Music LAT!N.©Amazon Music LAT!N
Lele Pons

“I wanted to make this version different because ‘Let it snow’ is a classic song with a slower melody. That’s why I decided to give it that Latin touch and make it in Spanglish,” the singer said in an interview to HOLA! USA.

To accompany her Amazon Original version of “Let It Snow (Navidad, Navidad, Navidad),” Lele Pons starred in a video that is also available on the music platform. “We made the video in Miami, and we brought snow to Miami,” highlighted the artist. “I wanted the video to represent Christmas. I wanted Santa Claus, families, dancers.”

According to the “Se te nota” singer, she would be spending the holidays with someone close to her heart. “This Christmas, I will be in Miami visiting my dad and doing zoom with my mom, who is in Italy with my grandparents. And then for New Year’s Eve, I will travel with my uncles to Puerto Rico,” revealed Pons, adding that her greatest wish is to go to Europe to visit her grandparents.

If your dream is to meet the Venezuelan star, from now on, you can interact with Lele through Alexa, asking questions like “Alexa, dime el top 5 de Lele Pons” o “Alexa ¿puede Lele Pons cantarme una canción navideña?” (“Alexa, tell me the top 5 of Lele Pons“ or ”Alexa, can Lele Pons sing me a Christmas song?”) to hear the singer’s direct responses. Listen to Lele Pons’ Amazon Original version of “Let It Snow (Navidad, Navidad, Navidad)” here.

To get into the holiday spirit, just ask “Alexa, pon música de Navidad” (Alexa, play Christmas music) or play themed lists like “Felices fiestas” and “Fiesta navideña Latina,” “Navidad caribeña” and “Villancicos” in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android or on enabled devices.

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