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Jennifer Garner is in ‘disbelief’ that her daughter Violet is 15

Garner also has 11-year-old daughter Seraphina and son Samuel, eight, with ex-husband Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Garner can’t believe her little girl isn’t so little anymore. Garner joined “Good Morning America” on TODAY with Hoda and Jenna to discuss her new online exclusive product for “Once Upon a Farm” in partnership with Save the Children. The actress also gushed about her kids in the interview as it was her eldest daughter Violet‘s birthday. Violet just turned 15- making her ready for a Quinceañera. Garner also has 11-year-old daughter Seraphina and son Samuel, 8, with ex-husband Ben Affleck.

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Jennifer Garner

Garner rocked black-framed glasses with a cozy sweater and showed off her festive chimney in the back. “Happy giving Tuesday!” The actress exclaimed bright and early with a smile. The hosts asked Garner how things were going at home with so many kids across the United States still doing distance learning due to COVID-19.

“Theres a lot of zoom happening in my house- a lot of zoom, but I don’t have really little ones so they all have it under control.” Garner then made the announcement about Violet‘s birthday. “My daughter is 15 today,” Garner said. Hoda responded, “Wait, you have a 15-year-old?” Garner replied, “Can you stand it? Can you believe it, little Violet Affleck, she is 15!” “Wait so what do you do when she says, ‘mom i think this boys cute and he wants me to go on a date with him?” Garner looked a little scared of the realization that that’s bound to happen soon and replied with a laugh, “All I know is she’s on Zoom school, she goes Io an all-girls school - we haven’t had to deal with that yet.”

The hosts then complimented Garner on all the cooking she’s been doing. The supermom bragged about making some delicious homemade cinnamon rolls and said she stayed up late making fresh bagels and was planning to boil them after the interview. “You’re boiling bagels for your children?” Hoda exclaimed while they showed clips of Garner making the fresh bread.

Garner gushed about her grandmother’s famous sweet potato recipe that she adapted for her new exclusive product for Once Upon a Farm. “My grandma Exie always made sweet potato pudding and the flavors just taste like Thanksgiving,” she said of the special year-long dessert. “I recreated the flavors with Cassandra Curtis, one of our co-founders, but we left out the sugar because we’re a no-sugar company.”

Garner reminisced about her time growing up on the farm and shared, “I grew up with my cousin Brian taking me for rides on this family farm where my mom grew up. You know when you just have a place that just makes you happy? This farm is that place -- the tractor is my favorite place to be.” Garner kept the operation in the family and brought her Uncle and Aunt into the business.

“After 40 years of being a plumber, I asked Uncle Robert, ‘Hey, I have this little company now and we would love if you would come and be a biodynamic organic farmer.’ And sure enough, he did, and he’s just the best out there. He and Aunt Janet are working the fields and this year we grew sweet potatoes to go into our sweet potato pie.” And most importantly as their partnership with Save the Children grows and grows, it will continue to have proceeds “feed and educate kids in rural America.”

For every pouch of Farmer Jen’s Sweet Potato Pie that’s purchased from the kid nutrition brand, 25 cents will be donated to the humanitarian organization for children up to $50,000. Garner was bursting with light with a huge smile during the whole interview and explained, “it’s just like my grandma’s recipe on the farm and I’m just full of all the feels today. It’s my daughters birthday, it’s more than I can handle.”

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