Brad Pitt wins legal battle against woman who was scammed by an imposter

The actor won a bizarre legal battle against him.

Brad Pitt has won a bizarre legal battle against him. The actor had a $100,000 lawsuit against him filled by a Businesswoman named Kelli Christina earlier this year.

According to Page Six, the woman was scammed out of $40,000 by an Internet con artist who posed as Pitt and won her over with “discussions of marriage.” Christina realized that she wasn’t actually communicating with the A-list actor but still went after the real Pitt in court. Thankfully for Pitt, a judge dismissed her suit on Thursday calling it “meritless,” according to the outlet.

Brad Pitt Kelly Christina©GETTY/ Kelly Christina Instagram
Brad Pitt Kelly Christina

So here is how this whole thing started:
Christina, of Plano, Texas, claimed that in In 2018 a scammer approached her online and asked her to organize a series of fundraisers for Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation. According to court documents, fake Pitt asked her for $40,000 to attend the events, but “canceled” at the last minute each time. To nobodies surprise, he disappeared with the money. But that wasn’t all, she claimed that they developed such a close relationship that they had “discussions of marriage.” Christina’s original complaint, filed in the Texas Eastern District Court, stated: “In 2018, Plaintiff Kelli Christina was approached by Brad Pitt for the purposes of raising funds for the Make It Right Foundation, a charitable cause to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina.” It continued, “Kelli Christina was persuaded by Brad Pitt’s presentation of the allegedly meritorious cause. Plaintiff and Brad Pitt... entered into a business agreement with specific terms and conditions.”

Pitt’s lawyer legal team fought back and filed a motion in a Texas court to dismiss the case. “Neither the Make It Right Entities nor Mr. Pitt entered into an agreement with Plaintiff,” the documents said. “Rather, as [Christina] herself has acknowledged, it appears [Christina’s] communications about any agreement were apparently with one or more individuals unlawfully posing as — but not in any way affiliated with — defendants online.”

“By [Christina’s] own admissions, the communications she now alleges to have had with Mr. Pitt . . . were actually between Plaintiff and one or more individuals posing as, in Plaintiff’s words, ‘fake Brad Pitts’ and not in any way affiliated with the Make It Right Foundation.”

Despite the judge’s motioned to dismiss the case, Christina told Page Six that she plans to continue the fight. She told that outlet she is not backing down because she is so disappointed that the real Pitt didn’t help her- even if it was fake. “Brad Pitt ignored all [my problems] [for] a year and a half,” she told the outlet in an email. “He was contacted [about the ordeal] at Make It Right [his production company], Plan B Entertainment, his Los Angeles home, and his Beverly Hills attorney [in] the summer of 2019. All problems [were] ignored and yet it’s his name and reputation [being used to defraud people].” Christina is reportedly “proposing a joint project between the government and the Hollywood establishment” to prevent these kinds of scams.

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