Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber's cousin wanted to conquer Selena Gomez's heart

The 'Lose You To Love Me' singer has yet another connection to Bieber's family

Selena Gomez's two-way comeback - on social media and on the music scene - has been an epic one, especially as her new single, Lose You To Love Me, has made its way to the top of the Billboard charts. The Look At Her Now singer can safely say she has everyone's attention and not just within her home country, but it seems that the entire world's watching, especially now that the former Disney star has confessed that her lyrics were inspired by her breakup with Justin Bieber. This is the way Selena has decided to close the "Jelena" chapter in her life; however, it seems that the star's connection to Justin is not completely removed.

Selena Gomez y Clayton Soyka©@claytonsoyka
Justin Bieber's cousin, Clayton Soyka, flirted with Selena through social media

Clayton Soyka, Justin Bieber's cousin, gave it his best shot when he tried to conquer Selena Gomez's heart through a message he wrote on one of her photos on social media, a message that was not met favorably by the Wolves singer's fans.

“I'm still single, you can love me instead," wrote Clayton. The proposal caused quite a stir among her fans, aka the “Seleneitors,” to the point that Clayton removed the comment entirely.

However, the young man commented on the sudden wave of fame and wrote a comment on his own social media channel. “I started a mess. I commented on one of Selena Gomez's photos and it's crazy. I have obtained 400 followers in the last 30 minutes," he told a friend.

Selena Gomez y Clayton Soyka©@claytonsoyka
Selena and Clayton know each other and they seem to have a good relationship

But it didn't end there. The cherry on top of the sundae is when Justin's cousin left another comment which drew the ire of the entire Selena Gomez fan community. Apparently, Soyka made a disparaging comment about Selena's physical appearance. The rumored comment centered on Selena's purported weight gain.

Clayton Soyka, primo Justin Bieber©@claytonsoyka
Twinsies - the likeness between Clayton Soyka and his cousin, Justin Bieber, is undeniable

Clayton has over 17K followers on his social media with whom he shares photos of his luxurious lifestyle. The physical resemblance between him and Justin is uncanny, as Clayton also has a body full of tattoos.

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