Sofia Vergara ageless bikini body

Sofia Vergara proves she's ageless with new throwback bikini photo

The 'Modern Family' actress shared a stunning 90s beach pic on her social media and she looks exactly the same now, find out her beauty tips!

Here’s a clear example of how little you need to look great when you are as gorgeous as Sofia VergaraThe 47-year-old pleased her fans and followers with the latest throwback image she shared on her social media. Taken in Miami Beach back in the 90s, the image shows the Modern Family actress with a fresh face, (no hint of makeup there), long sun-kissed locks, and most importantly, an impressive and toned body covered by a simple blue bikini that couldn’t hide imperfections, (as if there were any!). And here comes the shocking bit: Sofia could wear exactly the same bikini today, because same as Jennifer Lopez or Salma Hayek, SHE HAS NOT AGED A DAY.

The Colombian actress shared this stunning throwback picture on her social media

Luckily for us, not only is she incredibly gorgeous, she’s also a kind and generous soul willing to share her secrets to having that fab body with us mere mortals: “I tend to work out according to my shooting schedule,” she said during an interview to Celebuzz, “like, if I’m traveling I won’t work out, but I try to squeeze in at least three times a week working out, and I try to sleep well, I think that it is important to sleep well when you have a job like mine.”

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However, it’s kind of refreshing to know that although the actress works hard at the gym… it’s not exactly her favourite thing: “I hate working out, but I have made it a part of my life because of ageing, for looks, for everything you need to work out, it is a reality,” she said, “I do different things, I do spinning, I do classes in megaformer, which is kind of... like an advanced pilates, I have a trainer that comes to my house from time to time…  well, I have three different trainers that try to force me to work out.”

Sofia spend some days in Italy over the summer and proved her body hasn’t changed a bit!

Jennifer Yates, one of those personal trainers, went into a little bit more detail about Sofia’s routine in an interview for Marie Claire: “Twice a week, we´ll do butt exercises because that´s the area she really loves to focus on, and a couple of times, we do upper body and abdominals.”

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Diet-wise, Sofia admits she tries to eat healthy, (she adores vegs and juices), but she confessed she has a little problem with sweets: “I love cakes, I love ice-cream, peanut butter with chocolate, chocolate bars… You name it… I don´t have a problem picking sweets!,” she joked with a naughty smiled in the same interview to Celebuzz, “my problem is trying to eat them with moderation!” 

And that´s exactly the magic word for Sofia, moderation. For her, it´s about finding the balance to have a healthy lifestyle, and obviously, it is working!

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