Natalia Reyes shares how we can prevent another 'Amazon burning' event

The Colombian actress shares easy ways to help create a better tomorrow

Natalia Reyes is out to save the world, one step at a time. The Colombian actress is in Terminator: Dark Fate (out November 1), the latest Terminator movie in a saga that started in 1984 and saw Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton working to save their fictional world from extinction — much like Natalia wants to do with ours.


Natalia chatted with HOLA! USA and shared how we could save our real world from the current issues that it is facing. The Birds of Passage star explained how just incorporating three easy steps into our daily lives can help to alter the path our ecosystem goes down. She also details how just being aware and helping to make those around us aware can have a lasting impact on the environment.

The actress shares how we are experiencing a “serious emergency” in terms of what is happening to our planet at the current moment 

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One of her first suggestions? Watch your meat consumption. She recommends that we “try and eat less. Like once a week, or just during the weekends.” She admitted to HOLA! USA that although she does not consume meat, and is in no way “radical” about it, that others that do should be aware of where their meat is coming from and where it was raised. That we should look for cows “that are real and that have been around nature.” 


Natalia added that the “crazy price of gold” does not help with deforestation

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Her second suggestion is something that you would not expect, but the Sticks and Stones actress states that we should limit our gold, silver and electronics purchases. She shares that the minerals found in all these products are “one of the biggest reason[s] of deforestation.” 


Her final suggestion is to visit more farmer’s markets and limit our use of single-use plastics. She states that by eliminating more single-use plastics from rotation that it’s not only better for the environment, but also better for us. She urges everyone to switch to multi-use plastics and share its benefits with others.

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