Colombian model Daniela López Osorio talks her life behind the dazzling runways

The 25-year-old model spoke to HOLA! USA about her easygoing life

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Daniela López Osorio is a natural model. She was discovered in a Forever 21 store when she was just 17 and then became a runway sensation three years after that. Today, the 25-year-old Colombian stunner is living her best life in New York City and getting the gigs of a lifetime. Victoria’s Secret, Aeropostale and Revolve are only a few highly-coveted brands she’s worked with in the past. But there’s always more to a story. HOLA! USA discovered the easy-going girl behind all the glam and success.


Daniela López Osorio, entrevista HOLA! USAVIEW GALLERY

The Colombian model was discovered while shopping in Forever 21 at age 17

Daniela is a family girl. She loves her parents and she’s always living her life with a smile. “Smile at least once a day and be a shining light wherever you are,” she says. “Nothing works as a better tool than kindness.” Walking the runways has only magnified her happiness because working as a model has not only opened many doors for her career, it’s also allowed her to work with one of her passions—fashion.

Daniela López Osorio, entrevista HOLA! USAVIEW GALLERY

“Colombia is my home, my blood, my country, my heart, my roots, my family," she told HOLA! USA

She currently lives in New York, but any chance she gets, she loves to travel the world. When asked whether she prefers NYC or Colombia, the model joked that she could never pick. “You can’t make me choose,” she laughed. “Colombia is my home, my blood, my country, my heart, my roots, my family. New York City is the capital of the world and filled with energy. They both offer different things.” 

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Like many girls, Daniela has a love for music and knows exactly what to wear for a concert. “Cool comfy boots, leather jacket, t-shirt, and jeans. Easy does it,” she reveals.  

Daniela López Osorio, entrevista HOLA! USAVER GALERÍA

Daniela López Osorio knows how to relax after a long day of working 

Walking the runways might be simple, but there’s much work that goes behind it. And Daniela has the perfect formula to relax after a long day of work: “I come home and light a candle; there’s something so relaxing about it. Then, I take off my makeup, hot shower or bath, face mask, and TV time!”  

Interview by: Claudia Torres Rondón

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