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Edith González's mom's heartbreaking farewell message: 'I'm going with you, my child'

Edith González’s tragic death shocked fans, friends and family - but none more so than two of the closest people in Edith's life: her daughter, Constanza, and her mother, Ofelia Fuentes. For the first time we have a little insight about how her mother is handling Edith's passing. According to actress Lorena Velázquez, losing Edith has been the hardest blow for Ofelia, so painful that her farewell words has many around her worried, Lorena revealed in a show in Mexico.

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She said: ‘I’m going with you, my child.' She said this to her at the Panteón Francés (located in Mexico City)," Lorena said about the day when Edith’s family and friends said goodbye to the Doña Bárbara star. “She said: ‘I want to see her for the last time.' The coffin was opened and she said: ‘I’m going with you, my child,’” Lorena added about the painful farewell from amother to daughter.

Lorena, a good friend of the family, tried to comfort Edith González’s mom. “When she came by my side, I told her: ‘No, Ofe, don’t say that.’ I [need to stay close to her] because she is so fragile, very sad,” the first actress said about the heartbreaking moment.

She has this deep sorrow and I have to tell her: ‘No, don’t [go down that path], you must be with Constanza, you have your son. You have so much to live for,’” Lorena added about how she has tried to comfort Ofelia.

Edith González and her mom©@edithgonzalezmx1
Edith González passed away on June 13 due to complications caused by advanced ovarian cancer.

Lorenzo Lazo, Edith González’s true love

Lorena Velázquez met Edith when she was a little girl, and the friendship grew when González starred in the play Aventurera. At that point, Lorena became a great friend of the family. The actress witnessed Edith’s joy when she met her husband, Lorenzo Lazo, who she says was her friend’s true love.

“She passed when her life was complete, when she had a great marriage, a man like Lorenzo [and] such a divine daughter like Constanza,” Lorena said. Despite the close relationship between Edith and the actress, her family did not inform her about the Edith's declining health during those last weeks.

Edith González y su esposo Lorenzo Lazo©@edithgonzalezmx1
Edith González always smiled during her battle against the terrible disease

“I called Edith on her mobile and Constanza took it and said to me: ‘Aunt Lole!’ I said: ‘My love, let me talk to your mom because I want to say hello’ and she says: ‘She is busy, but…’ and I heard Edith’s voice saying: ‘Tell her that I’ll call her back.' I said: ‘Well, she’ll call me later, but she never did," Lorena recalled about the last time she contacted her friend.

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