Jen Lawrence Dior

All eyes are on the red carpet, and the celebs who come out to play, at the Academy Awards, aka the Oscars. For the stars, who are already jittery from the anticipation of the night's winners and being photographed from every possible angle, choosing what or who to wear is a tough choice. Oscars watchers are eager to know what their favorite stars will wear. For attendees like Julia Roberts, Salma Hayek or Nicole Kidman, to name a few, a few choice designers are stand-outs. These are the same designers whose gowns and designs are seen on the red carpet year after year. 

Who are the go-to designers at these year's Oscars red carpet? What can we expect to see? As in years past, we will not be surprised to see how these particular fashion houses' masterpieces are featured on the best dressed lists.

Here is who to watch out for this year - keep your eyes peeled and see if any of these designers make yet another appearance at the red carpet!

Givenchy, Vera Wang, Dior, Armani - these are just a few designers who have been honored on the red carpet by stars who have worn their masterpieces on the sparkliest night of the year.


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