Adele kicks off world tour by helping a woman propose to her boyfriend

Adele kicked off her world tour on Monday evening with a proposal — not hers! The “Hello” singer came to the aid of a female fan and helped her propose to her respective boyfriend during the tour’s opening night in Belfast, Ireland.

To celebrate the Leap Day, Adele invited fans to propose on stage. The 27-year-old plucked concert goer Hayley Consuegra from the crowd so she could pop the question to her beau Neil Pringle.

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"I asked him earlier today," Hayley told Adele. "He said maybe in a little while." The singer quickly turned to Neil in the crowd saying, "You have to say a proper yes, bruv!"

Adele then told the audience, "After three, everyone, say, 'Come on, Neil!'"

The Grammy-winning artist excitedly began to jump up and down upon Neil’s acceptance of the proposal. “I've got cameras all around here. I'm making a DVD," she warned him. "I'm going to make you the front cover if you don't do it."

Following the concert, Hayley tweeted her thanks to the British songbird writing, “@Adele thank you for tonight. you wrote the words to our story.i had the courage stood next to you.thank you for being part of our memories.”

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Hayley's fairy godmother dazzled on stage donning a custom black silk Burberry gown that featured hand-embroidered sequins. The mom-of-one will exclusively wear the British label during tour, which runs through November. Burberry chief creative and chief executive officer Christopher Bailey said in a statement, “It is a huge privilege to work with Adele.”

He continued, “She is an incredible artist who I admire enormously for her approach to life, her sense of fun, her innate style and her massively powerful and moving voice and performance."


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