Zac Efron does the moonwalk while dressed as Snoopy in hilarious throwback video

Looks like Zac Efron had moves long before High School Musical. The 28-year-old stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday were he was surprised with footage of himself performing in his high school production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Zac previously showed off his moves in 'High School Musical,' but a hilarious video unearthed by his real-life school drama class teacher shows he had top dog talent early on Gif:

Unlike some other child stars, the Dirty Grandpa actor admitted he went to “legit school, public school” where he took drama classes. Luckily for all of us, host Jimmy Kimmel got his hands on some archived footage of Zac from his old drama teacher.

Jimmy told him, “It might be fun for us to talk a walk down, well, really, just memory lane for you and a brand new undiscovered lane for us."

The (amazing) vintage video shows a young Zac dressed at Snoopy singing “Suppertime," while showing off his impressive moonwalking skills — which he treated HSM fans to in the 2006 Disney Channel original movie.

In regards to his moonwalking skills, Zac said, “Back then, that crushed. That was like a big deal.” The actor, who then demonstrated his moves on the talk show, proved that his moves still crush today.


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