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Train with Britney Spears! Here's her workout routine

Learn Brit's cardio routine and get into pop star shape

Maybe you've lost your way on your quest to get in shape, but don't worry – it's never to late to start working out! And if you need a suggestion for a fitness coach, let us present none other than Britney Spears! The singer frequently shows off her dance and yoga routines on social media, and she's also been straightforward about how she strives to maintain her weight.

In addition to doing an hour on the treadmill, the Princess of Pop divides her training into 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of yoga. Britney is a faithful practitioner of the discipline and loves to do the very sweaty but effective hot yoga workout, saying it makes her feel stronger. "All I can say is: thank God for yoga," she wrote on her social media profile.

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Britney has been straightforward with fans on maintaining her fitness routine

To get those cardio mintues in, Britney works out using a series of common and very effective exercises that benefit different areas of the body. Check out the workout clip she shared below!

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Jumping Jacks

Yes, that move you learned in elementary school! In addition to putting your respiratory system to work, Jumping Jacks help strengthen your muscles, especially the lower extremities.

Boxing strokes with dumbbells

The basis of this movement is to stretch and bend the arms as if trying to hit an object in front of you, just like you would in a boxing ring. To add difficulty, and therefore make more of your muscles work harder, pick up some dumbbells – preferably no more than two pounds each. In addition to working your arms and forearms, you are also strengthening and toning your shoulders.

Lateral leg lift

Standing and with your hand resting on a wall or barre, raise your leg to as close to a 90º angle as possible from the floor. To achieve maximum effectiveness with this exercise, always stay upright, look straight ahead and tighten your abdomen. Do this exercise enough and you will see the benefits in your in your quadriceps, buttocks, and the lower core area.

Sumo squats

These are a variant of squats but with legs apart. They are ideal for sculpting your buttocks and help define quadriceps and hamstrings. Britney uses a support barre for this one. Remember that your feet should point outward and the knees should never turn forward or bend beyond your feet.

Britney Spears con mancuernas©@britneyspears
Britney loves a good workout, combining cardio with yoga


To wrap up the cardiovascular routine, it is time to hit the treadmill. If you are not at the gym and don't have a treadmill at home, just do steps in place, or go for a walk or jog.

Don’t forget about music! Remember that tunes can inject energy into your workout, especially when you're not in the mood! (Gang Bang by Madonna is the song in Britney's clip, if you want to add it to your playlist!)

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